Up close with Cuba: Students and professor travel to Havana during Spring Break

Professor Jason Palmer traveled with the Stetson Law students to Cuba to complete a course during Spring Break. Photo courtesy Professor Palmer.

Students, professors and administrators visited author Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fishing village. (L-R): First row – Caridad Acosta (FAMU), Professor Deleso Alford (FAMU). Second row – Francisco Lopez (Stetson), Jason Birdsong (FAMU), Kristen Overstreet (Stetson), Professor Jason Palmer (Stetson), Ashley Fields (Stetson), Kelley Parks (Stetson), Aman Dhaliwal (Stetson), JR Swanegan (Stetson), Troy Lewis (Stetson). Third row – Kristen Nasser (Stetson), Erin Domaracki (Stetson). Back row – Anthony Nunnally (Stetson), Cali Crisler (Stetson), Erica Ramos (Stetson). Photo courtesy Professor Palmer.

Eleven second and third-year Stetson Law students recently spent their Spring Break studying abroad in Cuba.

Professor Jason Palmer’s one-credit Cuban Legal System and Society class met once per week during the spring semester, culminating in a five-day, four-night trip to Havana, Cuba, from March 5-9.

Stetson students visited Cuba for Spring Break. Photo by Francisco Lopez.

Stetson students visited Cuba for Spring Break. Photo by Francisco Lopez.

“Traveling to Cuba for five days was an amazing culmination to our eight weeks of classroom learning regarding Cuban law, culture, and society,” said Professor Palmer. “Speaking directly with Cuban lawyers about their civil, family and criminal law practices and immersing ourselves in the culture and history of Cuba sharply focused for the entire Stetson group the similarities and differences in our legal systems and cultural identities.”

The course introduced Stetson law students to the history of the Cuban legal system and society as well as the current legal system in Cuba. Students learned about Cuban laws, US-Cuba policy, Cuban society and current legal issues related to Cuba.

“The study abroad program eliminated the distance created by the U.S. Embargo on Cuba and allowed me to see the lives, culture, and viewpoints of the Cuban people up close,” said third-year Stetson Law student Francisco Lopez, who traveled to Cuba as part of Professor Palmer’s class.

Stetson launched the study abroad program in Cuba during Spring Break in 2015.