Black Law Students Association hosts panel with Markeis McGlockton attorney on Stand Your Ground Law

By Julie McHaffie

The Black Law Students Association hosted an engaging panel on Sept. 25 with the attorney for the Markeis McGlockton family Michelle Rayner, Professor Judith Scully, and Associate Dean Darryl C. Wilson. They discussed the background of the Stand Your Ground Law and how it relates to the McGlockton case in Florida. Michael Drejka invoked Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law in the fatal shooting of McGlockton, an African-American father of three, during a confrontation over a handicap parking space

Professor Scully discussed discrepancies in application of the Stand Your Ground law for people of different races. She also talked about the need for community action.
“It is mass action and community education that changes the law,” said Professor Scully.
“I’m certainly not going to deny that there are racial inequalities but improper application of the law doesn’t make the law a bad law,” said Dean Wilson.
We were asking for what people normally get. Normally, people get an arrest and due process. We weren’t asking for anything more but for the same,” Rayner said of the McGlockton case.