Dali Museum director encourages creative thinking at Student Leadership Development Committee luncheon

Dr. Hank Hine. Photo by Sy-Woei Hao.

Dr. Hank Hine. Photo by Sy-Woei Hao.

By Rachel Wise

The Student Leadership Development Committee hosted the second luncheon of the year on Oct. 17 with Dr. Hank Hine, executive director at the Dali Museum and co-director of the Dali’s Innovation Lab.

The Dali’s Innovation Lab is a program that offers enrichment courses which explore leadership development, skill building, ideation, and women’s empowerment using creativity, problem solving and innovation. As a founder of the program, Dr. Hine presented problem-solving strategies to help Stetson students further their academics and future careers through creative thinking.

“You can have creativity without innovation, but you can’t have innovation without creativity,” he said. “That’s why we created the Innovation Labs: to use art to solve real world problems.”

Dr. Hine encouraged the students to approach a problem in four steps: 1) clarify the challenge, 2) generate ideas, 3) develop solutions, and 4) implement actions; and to use creative thinking in the intermediate stages.

“Artists have to reinvent themselves and their medium again and again in order to find a complete and fresh vision of that world,” he said. “Take whatever problem you have and invert it. If you turn it over, you can see it in a new way.”

Dr. Hine received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from Brown University. After graduation, he founded the Limestone Press and Hine Editions, a publishing house that specialized in artist books and museum catalogues.  Before coming to the Dali Museum in 2002, he served as director of the research and publishing institute GraphicStudio at the University of South Florida.