Students attend Ms. JD Annual Conference

(L-R): Emilia Soliman, Sarah Cibula and Brielle Tucker.

By Brielle Tucker

On March 15, three Stetson students, Emilia Soliman, Sarah Cibula, and Brielle Tucker, attended the Ms. JD 11th Annual Conference on Women in the Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The theme was “Speak Up” in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s birthday, and the group celebrated by listening to women in the law speak about various timely issues.

The first workshop, “Finding your voice and using it,” presented by Gail J. Cummings of Gail J. Cummings Consulting, LLC, provided helpful tips and insights on how to be vocal and your own advocate when navigating your career.

“It was amazing to be able to network and connect with so many women attorneys with such leadership in the field,” said Emilia Soliman. “They gave great advice, especially for young soon-to-be attorneys. They taught me we can do it all.”