Anne E. Mullins explores use of metacognition in teaching

Associate Professor Anne E. Mullins.
Associate Professor Anne E. Mullins.

Law Professor Anne E. Mullins published Meta is Better in the North Dakota Law Review (94 N.D. L. Rev 325 (2019).

The article, divided into two parts, builds from the article Learning Intentionally and the Metacognitive Task by Professor Alleva and co-author Professor Jennifer Gundlach. Part I explores the core teaching and learning challenges Professors Alleva and Gundlach identified in civil procedure in the context of legal writing. Part II explores how metacognition (the critical awareness of one’s thinking and learning) can help address those challenges. The article includes concrete examples how Professor Alleva and Professor Mullins used metacognition in their classes. It also shares Mullins’s discovery that becoming more metacognitive about her role as a teacher promoted student learning in noticeable ways.

About Anne E. Mullins

Professor Anne E. Mullins joined the Stetson University College of Law faculty in Fall 2018 as an associate professor teaching research and writing.