Winners of inaugural Stetson Trial Masters Tournament crowned

The winners of the inaugural Stetson Trial Masters Tournament – sporting their new, green championship jackets – are Sierra Purden (3L), Jacquelyn Christoph (2L), Tiffany Hilton (3L), and Stevin Smith (2L).

The champions of the inaugural Stetson Trial Masters Tournament are Jacquelyn Christoph (2L), Tiffany Hilton (3L), Sierra Purden (3L), and Stevin Smith (2L).

The team of Katherine Castaner (3L), Kierstyn Jennings (2L), Pamela Marsh (3L evening), and Samuel Newlon (3L) came in a close second.

The Center for Excellence in Advocacy started a new summer training program this year for coaches and students, part of Director Elizabeth Boals’ goal to create meaningful advocacy training experiences for students outside of the classroom.

The Trial Team members collaborated in small teams composed of veteran and new members. Throughout the summer, they worked through a six-witness fact pattern and submitted recorded openings, witness examinations and closing arguments for feedback. They then tried the full case multiple times over a four-day tournament earlier this month. 

“It was grueling, but the students did an amazing job with the support of their dedicated coaches Donnie Anderson, Stanton Fears, Courtney Olivier, and Zachariah Wade,” Boals said. 

Stetson Law faculty and Advocacy Center staff – including Elizabeth Berenguer, Roberta “Bobbi” Flowers, Ellen Podgor, Jim Sheehan, Stephanie Vaughan, Stacey Turmel and Jay VanDerZee – served as judges.

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