Fall ’21 Valedictorian Chase Wilsey Carries on Family Legacy

Stetson Law Fall 2021 Valedictorian Chase Wilsey

Stetson University College of Law is thrilled to announce that Chase Wilsey is valedictorian of the Fall 2021 graduating class.

The news comes as his family’s St. Petersburg firm, Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., celebrates its 60th year in operation. While studying at Stetson law, Chase worked at the family firm to gain valuable hands-on experience in real estate transactions, estate-planning, probate, and business law.

In pursuit of his law degree, Chase became one of Stetson law’s first students to complete the new business law concentration program. In addition, Chase earned his MBA degree by participating in Stetson’s dual degree J.D./M.B.A. program offered through Stetson University’s main campus in DeLand, Florida. Prior to law school, he received a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Florida with a major in information systems.

As a 3L at Stetson Law, Chase clerked for the Honorable Edward C. LaRose of the Second District Court of Appeals. Serving nearly six million people in west-central and southwest Florida, the 2nd DCA is one of the busiest courts in the United States. The experience was an opportunity to see judges write and issue opinions in real time – rather than interpreting them in the classroom well after they’re written. Chase even had the opportunity to write the first draft of a now-published opinion.

“Participating in Stetson’s judicial externship program was the perfect way to culminate my law school experience. I would highly recommend it to current and future law students,” he said.

As a 2L, Chase was a Senior Associate on the Stetson Law Review, where he wrote a paper on sovereign immunity, which he said he’d like to turn into a book someday.

As for the classroom experience at Stetson Law, he said Law Professor Dr. Timothy Kaye is among key faculty standouts for him.

“Kaye’s remedies course was the best class I took in law school,” Wilsey said. “Professor Kaye is absolutely brilliant. Stetson is lucky to have him, and I feel extremely privileged to have taken three of his classes.”  

Chase continues to work at Fisher & Wilsey, which was cofounded by his grandfather, George Wilsey, in 1962. His father, David Wilsey, is a Stetson Law alum (J.D. ’86), as is his sister, Abby Wilsey (J.D. ’20). Chase’s father and his uncle, Steven Wilsey, are the firm’s principals. His grandfather, George, is retired but remains in an advisory role even at 92 years of age!

With a competitive spirit and a knack for understanding what it takes to do well in law school, Chase  likens his approach to success at Stetson Law to running an ultramarathon.

“Law school is a massive challenge and super long grind. I wasn’t going to leave anything on the table,” he said. “You only go to law school once, and I made a pact with myself to make the absolute most of the opportunity.”