Author Jackson Katz to discuss The Macho Paradox at StetsonU

Are men singled out in courts? Can a woman sexually harass a man? Jackson Katz, a nationally renowned anti-sexual violence activist, author and filmmaker will talk about sexual violence, an epidemic that affects one of four women in the U.S. This lecture, sponsored by Stetson’s Gender Studies Program, is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 18, in the Stetson Room, second floor of the Carlton Union Building, 131 E. Minnesota Ave., DeLand. It is free and open to the public.

Katz will present his topic through a multimedia lecture, using the title and structure of his important and highly readable new book, The Macho Paradox, to explore some of the ways that male culture contributes to sexual and domestic violence, and to suggest strategies to enlist men in the fight against all forms of men’s violence toward women.

Using both entertaining and disturbing clips from his award-winning videos to accentuate the importance of understanding and changing the cultural environment conducive to sexism and violence, Katz will show why men need to question the normative assumptions and values. Topics covered include male peer culture in schools and colleges, the use of pornography, sexism in the sports culture and the U.S. military, the many intersections between racism and sexism, and the role of homophobia in male-dominated groups.

“I encourage everyone to attend and listen to the vexing questions, misconceptions and myths that permeate public discourse and popular culture today regarding reverse sexism, men’s rights movements, feminism and women’s empowerment,” said Stetson English Professor Jamil Khader, who also chairs Stetson’s Gender Studies Program. Cultural credit is available for Stetson students.

For more information, contact Dr. Khader at (386) 822-7366, or by email at [email protected].