Summer Magazine Explores Stetson’s Values

CoverMagazineThe summer 2014 STETSON MAGAZINE explores the university’s core values. “One of Stetson’s defining attributes is how its core values affects every aspect of the university’s character,” said Bill Noblitt, editor.

In this issue, for example, Spanish Professor and Values Commitment Team Leader Robert Sitler, Ph.D., takes a walking tour through campus and points out the many university values commitment accomplishments.

“On today’s walk,” Sitler writes in this issue, “I look back on my nearly two decades of irrepressible attention to Stetson’s values commitments.”

Furthermore, an in-depth investigative piece looks at how the university and its community live out its core values. The article also provides a history of Stetson’s “Values Quest” and puts the university’s values commitments in a national context.

Other articles explore how four Stetson University alumni, a professor and a recent graduate live their values. “The four alumni took a trip to Mexico to help children with cleft palates,” explained Noblitt.

“Associate Math Professor Hari Pulapaka, Ph.D., discusses how he makes healthy, sustainable food choices for his renowned restaurant,” Noblitt added. “Finally, a recent graduate, Sasha Pesci, shows how Hatter Harvest affected her life and future endeavors.”

STETSON MAGAZINE also asked several professors to write about how they explore values with their students.

As Assistant Accounting Professor Maria Rickling, Ph.D., declared: “The theme that runs through the university is this commitment to values that permeates Stetson.”

An electronic version of the summer 2014 STETSON MAGAZINE can be found on Stetson Today.