‘The Rock’ dedication Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.

ROCK coverYou’ve likely seen and heard about the new construction project on campus next to the CUB, but what’s the story? The Stetson University community is invited to find out what the Rock is all about by attending the dedication of the university’s newest monument on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 1:30 p.m. in the Stetson Green, adjacent to the CUB. Also, be sure to follow the Reporter here: www.facebook.com/Stetson.Reporter and learn more about the new space.

So, what’s this all about?

  • First, it’s important to note that this project was a collaboration between the Student Government Association, the Class of 2014 senior gift, and the Division of Campus Life and Student Success. We’re thankful for our student partners who helped us envision and partially fund this idea, making it a reality.
  • “The Rock” is a new monument on campus, similar in some ways to Holler Fountain in that it is a new iconic space on campus that will complement the beautiful grounds. Most importantly, the Rock symbolizes Stetson’s three cornerstone values: global citizenship, intellectual development, and personal growth. These values are the university’s primary motivation and cornerstone upon which all things are built and driven.
  • Though it is called “the Rock,” the structure is actually constituted by many individual boulders. This symbolizes how Stetson is comprised of many people who make one community.
  • A new tradition that will be coupled with the space will be “chalk the rock.” Students will actually be allowed to chalk the boulders themselves with reflections from the day, their lives, or any other sincere thought they may have at the moment. This tradition will encourage students to reflect on the university’s values and the impact of Stetson on their lives. Additionally, the tradition highlights the Rock as a space of reflection for students.

Why is it being built?

  • All iconic college campuses feature meaningful spaces that reflect the storied history and rich tradition of the university.
  • Stetson is our home for most of the year, and it is worth our investment to build a campus that tells our story and highlights our values, to intentionally create space where community can thrive.
  • The development of traditions and revered spaces on campus cultivates the communal fabric that binds us together.

Is it a new study space?

  • The Rock can certainly be a study space. Generally, the Rock is meant for every member of the Stetson family – it is a space for reflection, study, recreation, contemplation, classes, climbing!

When will it be complete?

  • We have partnered with Dave Rigsby in Facility Services to construct the Rock itself. The construction plan and final product were created by Rigsby after receiving input from students and staff. The main structure has already been completed and is open to the Stetson community. However, a few remaining pieces, such as signage, will be completed in the following weeks.

First and foremost, the Rock is a place of reflection, a space for fellowship. The Rock is a symbol of our university’s foundational commitment to observing the three values in all endeavors, so that each student is comprehensively prepared for what lies hereafter. Finally, the Rock, a single structure comprised of various unique pieces, is a reminder that though we are many, we are also one. We are many people, unified by a fabric of values that is woven into everything here.

by Tanner Vickers

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