Stetson reintroduces Kappa Alpha Theta to campus

Theta Photo

Theta to start recruiting members in the fall.

This fall, Stetson University is reintroducing the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta to campus, bringing the total number of chapters at Stetson to 14: seven fraternities and seven sororities. Founded in 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta is the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. Their core values are scholarship, leadership, service, personal excellence, sisterhood and friendship.

“Fraternity and sorority life is an outstanding outlet for students who are interested in getting involved at Stetson while meeting students through social, community, and philanthropic activities,” said Ryan Manning, assistant director of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement, on why Greek life is important to the Stetson community.

“The Panhellenic Community valued Kappa Alpha Theta for their commitment to academic achievement, leadership development, commitment to the student population and their history with Stetson University,” said Manning. “Kappa Alpha Theta has a national expectation to have higher GPA requirements for women interested in membership into the organization. This sets a precedent where academic achievement comes first which is welcoming to our Greek community.”

Along with the many benefits all Greek organizations offer, Kappa Alpha Theta also emphasizes the importance of mental health, something that can easily be neglected due to the many responsibilities of a college career.

“Along with developing strong women through membership, Kappa Alpha Theta nationally provides resources for students who suffer from mental health challenges,” Manning explained. “Institutions that have this sorority on their campus have access to a free hotline for students who are living with mental health issues as well as provide resources for the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta to help their fellow students who suffer.”

Kappa Alpha Theta existed at Stetson from 1981-1993. It is being brought back in response to the increasing Stetson student body and the need create more opportunities for women to be involved in leadership positions.

“We noticed that the sororities on campus had a major increase in membership over the past five years,” said Manning. “The Panhellenic Council saw this as an opportunity to get women involved who did not find, or were not interested in the membership of the five other Panhellenic sororities on campus. Welcoming Kappa Alpha Theta back provides a great opportunity for alumni to have renewed connections to Stetson and the fraternity and sorority community.”

Because of the admirable qualities Kappa Alpha Theta expects from their members, Manning predicts the sorority will draw at least 100 women to join. Since Kappa Alpha Theta values women who want to get involved and share their experiences, the sorority is not only looking for first- and second-year students, but upperclassmen as well.

“This is an opportunity to leave an imprint on campus and this organization could be the legacy that students will leave long after their time here at Stetson,” said Manning.

Kappa Alpha Theta will officially start recruitment in the fall of 2016. They will be tabling outside of the CUB from Sept. 19- 29, with informational sessions in the evenings. On Oct. 1, the interview process will begin to get to know some of their potential new sisters, who will then be selected the following day.

“Any women interested in joining Theta should visit their table and go to the informational sessions before interviews,” Manning said. “Do not hesitate to ask questions to the Theta Ambassadors, Leadership Consultants and Office of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement. My office will gladly help any woman through this process if they have questions.

“While Greek life is not for everyone,” said Manning, “it is a great opportunity to feel more connected and invested in their academic success and time here; being welcomed into a fraternity or sorority can be an excellent social outlet and help students to get out of their comfort zone.”

For more information about Kappa Alpha Theta, contact the Stetson Office of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement at 386-822-7208, or Kappa Alpha Theta Marketing and Communications at 317-876-1870.

by Nicole Melchionda