Small Acts can make a Big Difference

Sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at Stetson, from left: Abigail Bozeman, Jillian Grimmich, Emily Tivy, Aubrey Phillips, Haley Gaynor and Katie Mullaney.

Every Friday, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega spend a couple of hours volunteering by caring for the children and domestic violence victims at the Beacon Center in Daytona Beach.

A sister from Alpha Chi, senior Mary Bomba says, “The center is shorthanded, and by volunteering we are able to take the children outside to play.”

The Beacon Center is motivated to educate Stetson students and the DeLand community about domestic violence. In order to properly educate the community about abusive relationships, the sisters are taught about the different types of abuse, how to look for signs and what to do in an abusive situation.

To spread the word, Alpha Chi, with a total of 65 members, has put stickers on coffee cups on campus and has had a spotlight speaker from the Beacon Center talk about domestic violence. The sisters also demonstrate leadership by raising money for the Beacon Center and buying supplies for the adults and children who come there to escape abusive relationships. And during the government shutdown, the sisters of Alpha Chi collected clothes to donate to the center.

Alpha Chi Omega sisters are supportive and provide a support system. 

“Alpha Chi Omega gave me a voice, and with the support from my sisters, I was able to become last year’s chapter president,” senior Emily Tivy stated.

First-year student Katie Mullaney added, “It becomes a bonding experience when you meet other Alpha Chi Omega’s from a different state. It is an instant connection.”

Alpha Chi general motto is “Together let us seek the heights.”

Alpha Chi Omega, whose chapter began at Stetson in 1957, embodies leadership and sisterhood through their philanthropy and campus activities. Across the nation, there are 230,000-plus members in approximately 194 college chapters. 

At Stetson, no matter how small, the women of Alpha Chi are continuing to make a difference in their community. 

-Mary Willison ’22

Editor’s note: Student writer/photographer Mary Willison will periodically spotlight Stetson’s fraternities and sororities.