Stetson University in the News, April 3-9, 2020

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Top Stories

Asal Mohamadi Johnson, PhD

• Assistant Professor of Public Health Asal Mohamadi Johnson, PhD, was quoted in an April 3 Florida Today article titled, “Coronavirus in Florida: Sunshine State may have extra time to prepare before ‘spike’ hits.” Johnson stressed the importance of taking the pandemic seriously and warned of more waves of the virus in the future. “This is not going to leave us, and it’s going to be with us awhile,” she added. “This may actually get a lot worse. We’re going to experience multiple waves.”

• Assistant Professor of Biology Sean Beckmann, PhD, was quoted in the April 5 Daytona Beach News-Journal article, “Lupus patients struggle to get meds after Trump touts drug in coronavirus fight.”

Joshua Eckroth, PhD

• Assistant Professor of Computer Science Joshua Eckroth, PhD, was quoted in a segment by Olando-based PBS-affiliate WFME 90.7 titled, “Orange County Public Schools Are the Latest Victim of Zoombombing: What Is It and How Can Teachers Protect Their Students?” The article discusses how sharing links for Zoom conferences on the internet can allow hackers to enter the virtual classroom. “And hackers when they find these links somehow they see on Twitter, they see it on a website for the school. … And so you’ll get people trying to do Zoombombing who have nothing to do with your school, nothing to do with your state. They just found a list and they’re just trying all of them.”

• Professor of Psychology Christopher Ferguson, PhD, was featured in a WFTV Channel 9 News segment on April 9 on Balancing children’s screen time with other activities during the pandemic. Ferguson said, “Parents can relax at this point in time a little bit about screen time. And there is no magic number, like once you exceed two hours or four hours or whatever. It is really about balancing screens with other activities that kids need to do.”

Christopher J. Ferguson, Ph.D., Stetson University
Christopher J. Ferguson, PhD

• Professor Chris Ferguson was quoted in an April 6 article at the District Administration titled “Don’t worry about too much screen time, one expert says.”

• Professor Chris Ferguson was also quoted extensively in an April 6 article in The Daytona Beach News-Journal titled, “Coronavirus: Children need more screen time right now, Stetson professor says.”

• Professor Chris Ferguson was quoted in The News-Journal in the April 4 piece, “Coronavirus: How are prep athletes handling life without organized sports?” Speaking about the adjustments that must be made to athletic endeavors during the coronavirus pandemic, Ferguson said, “The thing we can at least hypothesize is that social distancing is going to be most difficult for people who are extroverts and for people who part of their identity is formed around a sports team or a group of individuals that constantly interact in real life. That’s going to be a struggle for those people.”

A woman sits at a computer with Stetson in the News on the screen
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• Roland and Sarah George Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance Stuart Michelson, PhD, was quoted in the article, “7 Best Schwab Mutual Funds for Retirement” in U.S. News & World Report on April 3.

Alumni News

• Alumna Sarah Frances Hicks published a piece at The Brooklyn Rail featuring author and activist Emmalea Russo discussing her newest book, Wave Archive.

• Alumna Lucianna Chixaro Ramos published a poem on Burrow Press on April 7 titled, “Three Cells.”

• Alumnus William P. Perry, Jr. co-authored an article at Hospitality Net on April 8 titled, “Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic – What Should the Industry Expect?”