ASUN Postpones Fall Sports Seasons

ATLANTA, Ga. – The ASUN Conference Presidents’ Council announced the postponement of all ASUN Regular Season and ASUN Championship competition for the 2020 fall semester sports on Friday, Aug. 14, due to ongoing concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously this is a huge disappointment,” said ASUN Commissioner Ted Gumbart. “Anyone who follows college sports understands the dynamics that brought us to this decision, but that doesn’t mean we like it. My feelings right now? COVID stinks. If you weren’t putting my words into a public release, I might put it another way.”

The postponement of competition in conference-sponsored fall semester sports includes Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball. The Presidents’ Council decision on no fall competition will also apply to intercollegiate competition for any ASUN sponsored sports that have a designated spring championship.

Jeff Altier

“While it is unfortunate that we have had to cancel fall competitions, it is the correct decision given the current environment,” Stetson Athletic Director Jeff Altier said. “I look forward to continuing to work with our colleagues in the ASUN, Pioneer Football League and Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference to chart a course forward which will explore meaningful spring competition for our students.

“Our students, coaches and staff are highly competitive and want to get better. As such, we will continue to conduct strength and conditioning activity, individual workouts, and team practices under the guidance of the NCAA and University.”

The ASUN Presidents’ Council also affirmed that providing a spring season for the fall sports remains an ASUN priority. The ASUN winter sports of Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track & Field are not impacted by this decision.

“We will make every effort to provide a quality competitive experience for our fall student-athletes during the spring semester,” Gumbart said. “We’re not in the position today to guarantee it will happen, but we can promise to make every effort to get there. We owe that to our student-athletes, our athletic departments and our institutions. Lastly, I’ll share that I’m very proud of the way the entire ASUN family participated in the discussions over the past few months, including our students, athletic staff, administrators and presidents.”

ASUN member institutions may continue with permissible athletic activities related to training and practice in accordance with NCAA, local and state guidelines. The conference will continue to monitor all data and dynamics woven into the pandemic and continue to place Students First in its decision-making approach.