Stetson University in the News: June 24 – July 31, 2022

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Top Stories:

Olena Kolupayeva, PhD

• WFTV and WRDQ interviewed Ukrainian professor Olena Kolupayeva, PhD, about her upcoming teaching position at Stetson in the July 20 broadcast segment “Ukrainian professor heading to Central Florida to teach students how to identify misinformation.” “I thought it would be a great opportunity to educate American undergraduates about human rights,” Kolupayeva said. “During the war, [there is] a lot of human rights abuses and a lot of violations about national humanitarian law by the Russian Federation.” WHAM-AM, KCOL-AM, WTVN-AM and other radio stations also reported on Kolupayeva’s appointment.

• The Boston Globe quoted Alicia Jackson, assistant professor of Law and director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation, in the June 25 story “Law professor: ‘There’s not one law that you can think of that controls a man’s body.’” “The biggest concern is the confusion because now different states have different rules,” Jackson said. “And so families don’t quite know how to respond to Roe versus Wade. The fact that the right to an abortion was really based on liberty and autonomy, women now have to ask whether or not that right still exists.”

Professor Rajni Shankar-Brown speaks at Stetson R.E.A.D. event
Rajni Shankar-Brown, PhD

• Benzinga, Manhattan Week, PRWeb, My Silly Little Gang, Stage of Life and more than 30 other media outlets profiled Rajni Shankar-Brown, PhD, professor and Jessie Ball duPont Endowed Chair of Social Justice Education, in the June 28 story “Florida Professor Becomes Next President of National Coalition for the Homeless.” Street Sense Media quoted her in the July 1 story “Poor People’s Campaign and National Coalition for the Homeless mourn lives lost.” Also, WFTV interviewed Shankar-Brown for the July 8 broadcast segment “Pushed Into Homelessness” and for the July 10 Central Florida Spotlight broadcast segment.

• WFTS interviewed Law professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy in the June 24 broadcast segment “Supreme Court overturns Roe V. Wade.” “If the Supreme Court goes down this rabbit hole of undoing rights that have been declared by past courts, then the right to contraception is on the line and the right to marry the person of your choosing, whether that’s of the different race or a different gender, is also on the line,” Torres-Spelliscy said. WOFL interviewed Torres-Spelliscy for the June 27 broadcast segment “The Future After Roe V. Wade.”

In addition, among substantial other coverage for her, public radio stations WJCT and WUSF Torres-Spelliscy in a June 24 broadcast segment on the ramifications of the end of Roe V. Wade. WUSF and WJCT also quoted Torres-Spelliscy in the June 24 story “Here’s what lies ahead for abortions in Florida after Roe v. Wade was overturned.” The websites and quoted Torres-Spelliscy in the June 28 post “Will Women Travel to Florida for Abortions with Roe v. Wade Overturned?” Plus, Elite Daily quoted her in the June 28 stories “Birth Control Could Be at Risk Now That Roe Was Overturned” and “People Are Also Worried About Marriage Equality Now That Roe Fell.”

portrait at college of law
Louis J. Virelli III, JD

• The Tampa Bay Times, Hastings Tribune, ArcaMax and featured Law professor Louis Virelli in the June 24 story “Why Florida isn’t losing the right to an abortion … yet.” Also, National Right to Life News quoted Virelli in the June 28 story “Judge will rule from the bench on Florida’s ban on abortions after the 15th week, scheduled to go into effect Friday.” And Rolling Stone, Yahoo, Crooks & Liars, Digby’s Hullabaloo and other media outlets quoted Virelli in the July 6 story “SCOTUS Justices ‘Prayed With’ Her — Then Cited Her Bosses to End Roe.”

• PsyPost, LAD Bible and Washington Latest quoted Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of Psychology, in the June 26 story “Sexualized video games are not causing harm to male or female players, according to new research.” Also, the Press Democrat quoted Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of Psychology, in the July 24 story “Dave Chappelle sells out four Santa Rosa shows but sparks controversy.” And WalletHub featured Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of Psychology, in the July 27 report “Cities with the Highest Increase in Homicide Rates.”

• Business Class News, PRWeb, My Silly Little Gang, Spoke and more than 30 other media outlets featured Lou Paris, assistant professor of Practice, Management and assistant director of Stetson’s Joseph C. Prince Entrepreneurship Program, and alumni Dan Glunt and Milt Douglass in the June 28 story “Entrepreneur Students Research and Pitch Investment Opportunities, Leading to $400,000 in Venture Capital Funding.”

Judith Scully, JD

• The Tampa Bay Times quoted Law professor Judith Scully in the July 7 story “Who will enforce Florida’s 15-week abortion ban? And what if they refuse?” Also, the Weekly Challenger quoted Scully in the June 25 article “Community responds to Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.” And the Tampa Bay Times quoted Law professor Judith Scully in the July 1 story “What does the Supreme Court’s Miranda ruling mean for Florida?”

• Inside Higher Ed quoted Law professor Peter Lake, the Charles A. Dana Chair and director for the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy, in the July 27 story “Abortion Ruling Prompts Legal Questions.” The Chronicle of Higher Education special report “Building a Faculty that Flourishes” included Lake’s July 7 essay “How to Protect Faculty Members from Outside Attacks.”

Other News:

• Before It’s News cited Stetson in the June 23 post “Chicago Statement: University and Faculty Body Support.”

• Public radio station WUSF cited Stetson in a segment referencing the end of Roe V. Wade.

• Verified News Explorer cited Stetson in the June 25 story “5 Best Food and Drink Trails in the Southern U.S.”

• Science Daily and more than 20 other media outlets cited Stetson in the June 29 story “Shedding light on reptilian health: Researchers investigate origins of snake fungal disease in U.S.”

• The website, The Floridant and other media outlets profiled Law student Haylee Mixon in the June 28 post “Henderson Franklin Welcomes Six Interns to Annual Summer Associate Program.”

portrait outside
Wendy Anderson, PhD

• The West Volusia Beacon published the June 28 column “Imagine West Volusia: It’s cheaper to save it than to try to re-create it” by Wendy Anderson, PhD, professor of Environmental Science and Studies. Also, quoted Anderson in the July 29 story “Former DeLand Golf Course to Become Residential Neighborhood.”

• The Daytona Beach News-Journal cited Stetson in the June 28 story “DeLand mayoral candidates share thoughts on growth and development, annexing Spring Hill.”

• User Walls, EIN News and other media outlets cited Stetson in the June 29 post “Octave Holdings and Loudon Hospitality Management expand strategic partnership acquiring of two Hampton Inns and Suites.”

• ABC 7/My Suncoast interviewed adjunct Law professor and alumnus Jay Wolfson for the June 23 broadcast segment  “Vaccines for Children Under Five.”  Tampa Bay NBC affiliate WFLA and NBC affiliate WSAV interviewed Wolfson for a June 24 segment on a veteran’s decision to opt out of dialysis to expose issues with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Scrubs Magazine quoted Wolfson in the June 30 story “VA Patient Says He is Ready to Die to Expose Failures in the Transplant System.” quoted Wolfson in the July 10 story “Another Record-Breaking Day of New Coronavirus Cases in U.S.” And The Washington Post quoted Wolfson in the July 17 article “Kids’ coronavirus vaccines are hard to find in Fla. Many blame DeSantis.” A version of the story ran on Yahoo! News

portrait, for Stetson in the News
Rebecca Morgan, JD

• Elder Law Prof Blog featured the following articles by Law professor Rebecca Morgan:

    • June 16 – “Billing Issues with Some Medicare Advantage Plans?”

    • June 30 – “National Clearinghouse on Abuse Later in Life Webinar Series.”

    • July 1 – “New Nursing Home Report from National Academies.”

    • July 5 – “Planning Housing for Old-Old Age.”

    • July 6 – “Podcast on Quality SNF Care.”

    • July 6 – “Will Congress Pass Medicare Drug Negotiated Pricing?”

    • July 10 – “Will Medicaid Tie Quality Care to the Funds?”

    • July 11 – “Long COVID Symptoms Not Always Caught with Elder Patients.”

    • July 12 – “Roundup of Articles from May.”

    • July 13 – “Did You Catch the SSA and Medicare Trustees’ Reports?”

    • July 18 – “Multi-Generational Housing Article.”

    • July 19 – “When Was The Last Time You Had Your Eyes Checked?”

    • July 20 – “One Downside to Caregiver Shortages.”

    • July 21 – “Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging Academic Research Grants Application Now Open.”

    • July 22 – “New Article on Needed Medigap Protections.”

    • July 25 – “Is Someone Ever Too Old to Hold Elected Office?”

    • July 26 – “7th World Congress on Adult Capacity 2022.”

    • July 27 – “Tampa Bay Area SNF Closes after Medicare Losses.”

• The Tampa Bay Times featured Law student Moneer Kheireddine, a candidate in the Republican primary election for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, in the July 27 article “U.S. House of Representatives: The Times Editorial Board recommendations.”

• The Tampa Bay Times, Governing and other media outlets quoted Law students Zenea Johnson, Logan Jackson and Andrea Waters in the June 30 story “Black Florida law students see Supreme Court Justice Jackson as an ‘inspiration.’”

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Stetson University in the News is a weekly roundup of media coverage that mentions Stetson, its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

• The Tampa Bay Times quoted Law professor Paul Boudreaux in the June 30 story “Supreme Court’s EPA ruling could slow Florida’s climate change fight.”

• The Gabber profiled Nathalie Marcelin, coordinator for Diversity, Inclusion and Collaboration at Stetson College of Law, in the July 2 story “First-Generation College Student Wins Gulfport’s LGBTQ+ Scholarship.” The St. Pete Catalyst featured Marcelin in the July 7 story “LGBTQ Resource Center Names Nathalie Marcine 2022-23 BranchOut Scholar.”

• Hometown News quoted Stetson student Nathan David in the July 3 story “Fans dodge the rain for soccer and music at Daytona Soccer Fest.”

• The West Volusia Beacon cited Stetson student Tony Capizzi in the July 5 story “Kiwanis scholarships.”

• The West Volusia Beacon cited Stetson in the July 5 article “Changes to Downtown CRA could help recognize DeLand’s historic Black community.”

• The Journal Times cited Stetson University Presidential Scholarship winner Callah Pessin in the July 4 article “Scholarships & Awards 2022: The Prairie School.”

• Inside Public Accounting cited Valrie Chambers, PhD, associate Professor of Accounting, in the July 6 story “FICPA Elects 2022-23 Board of Directors.”

• The Florida Bar cited Law professor Christine Cerniglia and Stetson College of Law in the July 8 story “Judge DePaul offers hands-on training for Stetson and Cooley law students.”

• RecentlyHeard cited Stetson University Virtual School in the July 8 post “Online Education: 57 Leading Institutions.”

portrait outside
Teresa Carmody, PhD

• Laughing Place, Broadway World Orlando, Watermark and Nonahood News cited Teresa Carmody, PhD, director of Stetson’s MFA of the Americas and assistant professor of English, and also cited Burrow Press, the literary publisher of MFA of the Americas, in the July 11 post “ ‘Anthology’ Creative Storytelling Experience Coming to Renaissance Theatre Company in Orlando Next Month.” In addition, Happening Next featured Carmody in the July 21 post “Margin Shift Presents: July 21, 2022.”

• The West Volusia Beacon cited incoming freshman Mary-Kate Hoang in the July 12 story “Class Notes.” The article also cited Stetson’s Alumni Engagement Office.

• Palm Beach Roofing Press and Roofing cited Stetson in the July 12 article “Ahead of the Curve: Creative Metal Roofing Installations.”

• The U.S. Navy featured Stetson Law student Sierra Luther in the July 11 article “2022 Navy JAG Corps Summer Interns.”

Bay News 9 interviewed Law student Logan Jackson for a July 1 segment highlighting Black female legal professionals’ reactions to the swearing-in of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson. The story also ran on the station’s sister outlet in Orlando.

• White Collar Crime Prof Blog featured the following posts by Law professor Ellen Podgor:

    • July 2 –  “Supreme Court Accepts Two Fraud-Related Cases.”

    • July 4 – “DOJ Strategic Plan.”

    • July 20 – “Health Care Fraud Charged in Coordinated Government Enforcement Action.”

• Business Law Prof Blog cited Stetson Law and Stetson Business Law Review in the July 11 post “2022 Law and Society Association – 7th Global Meeting on Law and Society.”

Patrick Coggins, PhD, JD

• The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Naples Daily News, Pensacola News-Journal and more than 10 other media outlets quoted Patrick Coggins, PhD, JD, professor of Education, in the July 13 story “Statue of trailblazing educator and civil rights activist Bethune unveiled in U.S. Capitol.”

• The West Volusia Beacon featured the Stetson Children’s Choir in the July 17 story “Stetson Children’s Choir comeback planned.” The story quoted Alumna Melinda Fradley.

• The West Volusia Beacon cited incoming Stetson student Sean Gaudreault in the July 19 story “Class Notes.”

• Florida Politics cited Stetson’s Rinker Welcome Center in the July 22 story “Central Florida construction firm: Ex-employee snatched personal records in data breach.”

• The Tampa Bay Times, the Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report and other media outlets featured retired Law professor Peter Fitzgerald in the July 22 story “Dogs stranded abroad as Florida families face changing rabies rules.”

• Quillette posted the July 23 opinion piece “Stop Sharing Political Memes: They Are a Doorway into Stupidity and Misery” by Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of Psychology.

• The website cited the late Stetson student Austin Wuennenberg in the July 14 post “Disney World Cast Member Shares Tragic, Ongoing PTSD After 13 Years.”

• Florida College Access Network quoted Stetson student Reed Barkowitz in the July 25 story “2021-22 Advocacy Spotlight — UpliftED + Student Fellows Reed Barkowitz & Samantha Guillaume.”

• The Daytona Beach News-Journal cited Stetson in the July 26 story “Meet DeLand’s 3 mayoral candidates: Chris Cloudman, Buz Nesbit and Reggie Williams.”

• InkFreeNews and Times Union Online cited Stetson student Colin Rhoades in the July 27 story “Lake City Bank Welcomes Its Newest Class of Summer Interns.”

• Faculty Focus featured the July 29 article “Activities for Developing a Positive Classroom Climate” by Melissa Parks, PhD, associate professor of Education.

• Rappler cited Stetson’s Environmental Moot Court Competition in the July 29 story “‘We are devastated’: What the Furigay family lost in the Ateneo shooting.”

• BringFido cited Stetson in the July 29 story “College Dorms that Allow Dogs.”

• Salina Post posted the July 30 column “FIRST FIVE: The Civil Rights Movement and the First Amendment,” co-written by Robert Bickel, professor emeritus of law at Stetson University College of Law.


Logan Gilbert

• Fox Sports profiled alumnus and major league baseball pitcher Logan Gilbert in the June 23 story “Logan Gilbert uses alter ego to find right mindset for Mariners.” “It all started as a joke in college, honestly,” Gilbert said of his alter ego, which he dubbed “Walter.” “It started when we were eating lunch in a mall on a road trip in college, and now here we are in the big leagues, and it has somehow stayed with me. It’s doing all right, so I’m keeping it.”

• GoBankingRates posted the following stories by alumna Jenny Rose Spaudo:

    • June 27 – “How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Money Advice?”

    • June 28 – “Real Estate Experts Reveal the Best Money You Can Spend on Your Home”

    • June 29 – “Real Estate Experts Share How Much They Would Pay for a Home in Today’s Market”

    • July 19 – “How to Bounce Back Financially If You Go Over Your Wedding Budget”

    • July 21 – “10 Most Important Money Lessons to Learn in Your 20s, According to Experts”

    • July 25 – “7 Things High-Earners Refuse to Spend Money On.”

    • July 26 – “Starting a Business with a Family Member: 5 Things to Know.”

    • July 29 – “Running a Startup: 5 Common Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them.”

• West Orlando News profiled alumnus Ted Edwards in the June 24 story “Former Commissioner Ted Edwards Running for Congress in Central Florida.”

• The Tampa Bay Times profiled Law and MBA alumnus Tyler Payne in the June 29 story “He’s the Treasure Island mayor, he’s gay and finally his ‘authentic self.’”

• Triangle News Leader profiled alumnus R.J. Longstreet in the June 29 story “Mount Dora history book now available online.”

• Fox40 WICZ and other media outlets profiled alumna Warren E. Tydings Jr. in the June 29 website post “Warren E. Tydings, Jr. Joins Fait & DiLima, LLP as Senior Attorney.”

• The website posted the June 29 column “A Prayer for Those Who are Pro-Choice, and Pro-Life” by alumna Blair Parke. The Fish Twin Cities and more than 30 other media outlets posted her July 25 column “Tips to Show Christlike Love to Even the Most Difficult Family Members.”

• The website profiled Law alumnus Jason Sausner in the June 22 post “Bressler, Amery & Ross Bolsters Florida Insurance Litigation Practice with the Addition of Six New Attorneys to its Florida Offices.”

• Tampa Bay Newswire profiled Law alumnus Tyler Willis in the June 22 post “Tyler Willis Joins Johnson Pope’s Tax Group.”

• CityBiz, News Channel Nebraska and other media outlets profiled Law alumnus Philip S. Wartenberg in the June 30 story “The Family Law Section of The Florida Bar Announces New Executive Committee Leadership and Executive Council Members.”

Melissa Cordon Black

• The Osprey Observer profiled Law alumna Melissa Cordon Black in the July 1 story “Melissa Cordon Black for County Court Judge, Group 14.” The Tampa Bay Times featured Black in the July 22 story “Hillsborough circuit, county court judge: Times editorial board recommendations.”

• The Daily Times profiled law alumna  Kelly Hawk Fitzgerald in the July 2 story “Maryville College names Fitzgerald director of disability resources.”

• Florida Record profiled Double Hatter (MBA and JD) Patricia Flanagan in the July 5 post “South Florida Business Journal Names Patricia Flanagan to 40 Under 40 List.”  

• The website profiled Double Hatter (MBA, JD) Bryan J. Nelson as a contributing writer.

• The Ormond Beach Observer profiled alumna Caroline Skinner in the July 5 article “Ormond Mainstreet selects new executive director.”

• The Jacksonville Daily Record cited Law alumna Shannon Schott and Double Hatter Blane McCarthy in the July 7 story “New Jacksonville Bar Association leadership takes office.”

• The Capitolist featured Florida Attorney General and Law alumna Ashley Moody in the July 6 story “Florida Realtors endorse Ashley Moody’s re-election bid” and the July 12 story “ABC of Florida endorses Ashley Moody’s re-election.”

• The St. Croix Source, St. John Tradewinds and other media outlets cited Stetson student Ki’Janne’ Alfred in the July 6 story “Friends of V.I. National Park Accepting Scholarship Applications.”

• MarketScreener profiled alumnus Roman Franklin in the July 8 post “SIMPLICITY ESPORTS & GAMING CO : Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other Events (form 8-K).”

• The Bradenton Times profiled alumnus James Golden in the July 10 story “Candidate Profile: James Golden.”

• The Citrus County Chronicle profiled Law alumnus Michael Bilirakis in the July 10 story “Candidate Profile: Gus Michael Bilirakis, U.S. House of Representatives, District 12.”

• Stage of Life, My Silly Little Gang and more than 30 other media outlets featured alumnusManuel Reyes in the July 11 post “National Resident Matching Program® Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors.”

Annabelle Chambers

• The United States Department of Justice and the Hendersonville Lightning profiled Law alumna Annabelle Chambers in the July 11 post “State Prosecutor Is Sworn-In As Special Assistant United States Attorney.”

• The Ocala Star-Banner featured alumnus Edmond Fordham in the July 12 story “Marion schools: Fordham Early Learning Academy (former Evergreen campus) to open in August.”

• The Tampa Bay Times quoted alumnus and Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri in the July 1 story “What does the Supreme Court’s Miranda ruling mean for Florida?”

• The U.S. Sun profiled alumna Kim Barclay in the July 13 story “Above par: Who is Zach Johnson’s wife Kim Barclay, how many children does the Open star have, and what is his net worth?”

• Occupational Health & Safety cited alumnus Cory Rhoads in the July 15 post “3 Transformations Redefining Worker Safety with Visual AI.”

• The Highlands News-Sun featured Law alumna and Florida Representative Kaylee Tuck in the July 18 story “Kaylee Tuck returns to Highlands Tea Party.”

• Florida Today featured Law alumna Robin Cornell in the July 14 story “Business newsmakers: Cornell assumes presidency of women lawyers group.”

• The Tampa Bay Times cited Law alumnus Nicholas Fiorentino in the July 19 story “Pinellas-Pasco circuit judges: The Times Editorial Board recommendations.”

• The Fort Myers News-Press featured alumnus Jonathan Martin in the July 19 story “Florida State Senate 33: Two candidates headed to November election.”

Bryan G. Salazar II

• The West Volusia Beacon profiled alumnus Bryan G. Salazar II in the July 20 story “DeLand honors 2022 Hometown Heroes.”

• Progressive Railroading featured alumnus Trevor Pusch in the July 22 post “Rising Stars 2022: Trevor Pusch.”

• KMLK and other media outlets profiled Law alumnus Bobby Morvay in the July 21 post “Bobby Morvay, Esq. joins Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.”

• The Tampa Bay Times and MSN quoted Law alumnus B.B. Abbott in the July 23 story “Tampa sports agency acquired by entertainment powerhouse Wasserman.”

• The Watauga Democrat, High Country Press and profiled alumna Suzanne Livesay in the July 22 story “Suzanne Livesay named executive director of Appalachian Theatre after national search.”

• Websites 1fortlauderdale and cited Law alumna Carolyn McCann in the July 14 post “These Are The Parkland School Shooting Sentencing Judge, Lawyers.”

• posted the July 13 column “Raccoon Theology: Wearing the right hat” by alumnus Earl Davis.

• Noticias Financieras English profiled alumna Jilissa Ann Zoltko in the July 24 story “She’s making waves on the net! Jilissa Ann Zoltko captivates the networks with a tiny red swimsuit.”

• The website and Tampa Bay Newswire cited Law alumni Julius Matusewicz and Jade L. Turner in the July 25 post “Trenam Law Welcomes Four New Associates Across Several Practice Groups.”

• The website and profiled alumnus Russell Schropp in the July 26 post “Schropp and Corso Honored as 2022 Legal Elite by Florida Trend Magazine.”

• The Wakulla News featured a profile by alumnus and school board candidate Dod Walker on July 26.

• KEDM Public Radio profiled Law alumnus Mark A. Sanders in the July 26 story “Sanders Named New Dean of Medical School.”

• Public Radio Station WUFT, WUSF Public Media, Florida Politics and other media outlets featured alumnus Everett Stern in the July 27 story “US Senate candidate with Florida ties accused of impersonating a federal agent.”

• The Orlando Sentinel featured Law alumna and Seminole-Brevard Chief Judge Jessica Recksiedler in the July 29 story “Seminole-Brevard chief judge faces challenge from longtime prosecutor.”

• The Daily Ridge profiled Law alumna Tara Wheat in the July 28 story “Polk County Native Vies for Judge Seat in Upcoming County Election.”

• My Town Gurus profiled alumna Joyce Curvin in the July 29 story “Where the Wild & Whimsical Things Are.”

• The Tampa Bay Times and MSN profiled Law alumni Jennifer Wilson and Berny Jacques in the July 29 story “Who should be elected to the Florida Legislature? We’ve got answers | Times recommends.”

• Kinney Recruiting profiled Double Hatter Brandon C. Szymula (MBA, JD) in the July 29 post “Hall Booth Smith Adds Partner Brandon C. Szymula to Tampa Office.”

• South Florida Business Journal profiled Double Hatter Patricia M. Flanagan (MBA, JD) in the July 29 story “South Florida’s Young Successes: Meet the 40 Under 40 Class of 2022.”