Stetson University Hosts the First-Ever Disney Day

From left to right: Aaryanna Kania, student; Susan Piatek, manager Training & Development; Yvonne Chang, Stetson University Board of Trustees and director, Disney Vacation Club; Marvin Recinos-May, student
portrait outside
Noel Painter, PhD

Noel Painter, PhD, executive vice-president and provost, surprised the audience at Stetson’s first Disney Day by playing the melody to the Pinocchio classic. The crowd of students joyfully sang in unison “when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires, will come to you.”

It was clear that magic filled the air as they gathered in the Stetson Room on Tuesday afternoon to learn about jobs and internships.

All morning, many students had already participated in customized career engagement in the Rinker Welcome Center.

Dave Tucker, ’16, Recruiter for The Walt Disney Company

Dave Tucker, ’16, recruiter at The Walt Disney Company began his journey with the company as a student. Tucker started as a safari truck driver at one of the theme parks, completed the management internship and then accepted a full time job.

After meeting over 500 Stetson University students at a career fair expo in October 2023, Tucker enlisted a diverse team from various departments to return for the big day.

Students participated in one-on-one interview sessions with The Walt Disney Company casting directors, executives from Disney Vacation Club, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Studios. They applied for opportunities ranging from internships to part-time and full-time employment. 

Many enjoyed a luncheon with Disney executives and team members. 

“I just had lunch with three of the most eager, phenomenal and ready students,” said Mike Brunson sales director at Disney. “It was the best part of my month!” 

Stetson University Board of Trustees member Yvonne Chang, ’09, director of Disney Vacation Club Operations, shared the importance of authentic communications with the students at her table. 

The day ended with a presentation about the jobs and benefits at The Walt Disney Company. For more information, visit

“It truly made my heart happy to attend this event,” said Josh Dennis, ’23.  

As a Theatre Arts major, Dennis said he was thrilled to have an opportunity to be connected with such a large and influential entertainment company like Disney World.

-Alicia Scott