Note: Throughout February, Stetson will highlight reasons for the university to celebrate Black History Month.

Dan’Nija Huey, ’24, president of Black Student Union at Stetson University

Dan’Nija Huey ’24, is no stranger to taking the lead and charting a path to better the lives of others and herself. 

From the moment she stepped foot on the Stetson campus in fall 2020, she knew that she was going to make a difference. She just needed to find her reason why.

Huey entered college under the restrictions of the pandemic. She made friends and found her place in the Black Student Union organization. 

“It was important for me to get connected and have a good college experience,” said Huey, now Black Student Union. “I went to the virtual involvement fairs, general body meetings for the Black Student Union and became the vice-president in my sophomore year. I was determined to see what I could do to make the Black experience great here at Stetson.” 

Over the past three years, Huey has participated in many projects, which led to her rise within the Black Student Union as the 2022-2023 president. 

But there was a burning passion within her to do even more.

Huey is a pioneer. She credits her mother for her “go-getter” attitude.

She acquainted herself with the objectives of the former Black Student Union board initiatives to enhance the Black student experience.

“Diversifying Greek life on campus was one of the initiatives that I decided to go for,” added Huey.

She led the new charter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. on Stetson University campus. Visit Stetson Today to read more about the sorority.

Huey is thankful for her college experience and admits that she still wants to do more to impact the student experience at Stetson. 

Most of all, she is proud to have made Black history at Stetson that will impact generations to come.

-Alicia Scott