Stetson University in the News, March 2-9, 2023

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old timey black and white photo of John B. Stetson, 1901
Portrait of Stetson University benefactor John B. Stetson (1830-1906) seated in chair for a formal portrait, c. 1901. Courtesy Stetson University Archives.

• The West Volusia Beacon profiled university founder John B. Stetson in the Jan. 27 story, “Better Country Beyond: The man behind the Stetson hat” and in the March 3 story, “Better Country Beyond: DeLand’s Mr. Rockefeller.” “Stetson had his private carriage brought down from Philadelphia each year by steamboat,” wrote biographer Karen Ryder in the latter story. “It was a large and shiny black conveyance with brass lanterns that was pulled by a matched team of four horses. Every Sunday morning, the family, dressed in their finest clothing, would climb in and arrange themselves on the seats. The carriage then proceeded along the streets to the Baptist church while onlookers gawked at the sight.” 

Christopher J. Ferguson, PhD

• Discover Magazine and quoted Christopher Ferguson, PhD, professor of Psychology, in the March 8 story, “Do Video Games Cause Violence?” Referring to the Columbine High School massacre, Ferguson said: “In the public imagination, it really solidified this idea that violent video games were responsible for school shootings or mass homicides. Other than a handful of people, there was really a sense of there being a societal consensus on the issue — everybody thought that violent video games were causing these types of shootings.”

• Esquire quoted Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy in the March 1 story, “How One Man Lined His Pockets on His Way to Remaking the Supreme Court.” “If millions of dollars in dark money are sloshing around, it makes it really easy for people on the inside to take a cut,” Torres-Spelliscy said. “That behavior is, unfortunately, now showing in the judicial nominating process.” Raw Story also quoted Torres-Spelliscy on the topic.

portrait outside
Lou Sabina, PhD

• WMFE cited Lou Sabina, PhD, associate co-chair of Graduate Education Programs, in the March 10 story, Florida could be expanding its school voucher program. Here’s what’s at stake. “So charter schools and private schools can say that they don’t have the resources for a particular program,” said Sabina. “So let’s say there’s let’s, say there’s a student who has a high needs disability. And the charter school doesn’t have the faculty to provide for that. They can turn them away and send them back to the public school.”

• The South Florida Times cited Stetson in the March 2 opinion piece, “Officials in Florida and elsewhere will not succeed in whitewashing the horrors of slavery.”

Other Stories

Exterior of Lynn Business Center
Stetson’s Lynn Business Center

• The West Volusia Beacon featured Stetson in the March 2 story, “Stetson University’s VITA Program offers free tax assistance.” The Daytona Times cited Stetson in the March 3 story, “Stetson program offering free tax help.”

• The South Florida Sun Sentinel cited Stetson in the March 3 story, “We must save and restore coral reefs.”

• Hometown News cited Stetson in the March 2 posts, “Appointments available for tax filing assistance” and “Walking Tours of DeLand’s National Historic Districts.”

• StayHappening and HappeningNext featured Terri Witek, PhD, professor of English, Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing, in the March 5 post, “Snail Trail – A Reading.” Above/Ground Press cited Witek in the March 7 post, “2023 #AWP (unofficial) offsite (virtual) readings : day one of five: Witek/Lopes, Robinson, Melançon, Unrau + Chernoff.”

• HappeningNext cited Stetson’s Gillespie Museum in the March 5 post, “Science Saturday: STEAM Festival.”

Graciela (Chela) Dufour

• The Free Library cited Graciela (Chela) Dufour, associate vice president for Human Resources and Organizational Development, in the March 6 post, “Diverse Organizational Impact and Transformation Certification Recipients.”

• Happening Next cited Stetson in the March 6 post, “Longwood Jazz Fest.”

• Hometown News cited Stetson’s Jazz Ensemble, Opera Theatre and Great Pianists of Stetson Series in the March 2 post, “Out & About.” Hometown News also featured the Jazz Ensemble in the March 7 post, “Stetson University Jazz Ensemble.”

• Central Florida’s TV 27 cited Stetson in the March 8 broadcast segment, “Trail Extension.” WFTV also featured the story.

• The Orlando Sentinel cited Stetson in the March 7 post, “Party with the Oscars and help Orlando’s next generation of artists.”

• Texas Metro News cited Stetson in the March 9 post, “Haitian women’s excellence no fluke — International Women’s Day edition.”

• The West Volusia Beacon cited Stetson in the March 1 story, “Now You Know: Integrating DeLand High School.”

• The West Volusia Beacon cited Stetson in the Feb. 28 story, “DeLand Historic Board to city: We need staff.”

Alumni News

• Florida Politics profiled Law alumnus Luis Viera in the March 1 story, “No. 17 on the list of Tampa Bay’s Most Powerful Politicians: Luis Viera.”

• Invest Money UK profiled alumnus Jeff Hamrick in the March 1 story, “Whitman College Names New Vice President for Finance and Administration.”

graphic says, Stetson University in the News
Stetson University in the News is a weekly roundup of media coverage that mentions Stetson, its faculty, students, staff and alumni

• Your Basin, the Odessa American and EIN Presswire profiled alumnus Scott Muri in the March 2 post, “Abbott reappoints two Odessans to State Board For Educator Certification.”

• The Tampa Bay Times published the March 4 column, “Here’s why New College is lucky to have Richard Corcoran in charge” by Law alumnus Fred Piccolo Jr.

• All Classical Portland profiled alumnus Brian Dunbar in the March 6 post, “Flutist Brian Dunbar.”

• HappeningNext profiled alumna Lourdes Mola in the March 7 post, “Women in Leadership Panel: A Discussion on Leadership and Career Elevation.”

• Oregon Coast Today featured alumna Raquel Gilliland in the March 8 story, “A blooming interesting evening.”

• Vero News profiled Law alumna Anastasia Norman and Law alumnus William Long in the March 9 story, “Three from Vero are hoping to be named to bench.”

• The New York Telegraph and more than 10 other media outlets profiled Law alumnus Mark A. Haskins in the March 8 story, “Experienced Mediator Mark Haskins Joins UWWM as Full-Time Neutral.”