A Glimpse into New Beginnings

A group of students walk outside Sage Hall
Students look forward to the new school year.

Starting a new year is an exciting time on any university campus and Stetson students, faculty and staff would agree. 

Portrait outside
Elizabeth Skomp, PhD

“There has been a palpable sense of excitement and eagerness on campus as we’ve awaited and prepared for the start of the semester,” explained Elizabeth Skomp, PhD, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs and professor of World Languages and Cultures.

We surveyed a group of the Stetson student body to see how things are going as they are starting classes and navagating campus life again. They shared their thoughts and some great advice for Stetson freshmen. 

Rodrigo Teixeira, a junior digital arts major, said he was actually on campus throughout the summer and it was a bit boring. He’s very happy to see all the students come back. 

Rodrigo Teixeira

“The campus feels vibrant again. Meeting new people and the events going on are amazing, like Glow Night by Hatter Productions,” he explained. “This year, working with the marketing department, I’m super excited to cover events and produce videos, pictures for social media and on YouTube. I love working with people and big events.” 

His advice to incoming freshmen? 

“Patience. You need to walk, but you may not be able to run at first. Sometimes we want to do everything at once, but it’s important to have a plan and take small steps. You can get anywhere with patience and consistency.” 

Duddley Louissaint, a sophomore corporate finance major, said the first week at Stetson went very smoothly.

Duddley Louissaint

“I am looking forward to going to all my classes and learning new material that will help me in my future career. I hope to increase membership in my Fraternity during my time at Stetson,” he noted of his year ahead. “I love being back on campus in general. I personally look forward to relaxing on my hammock and enjoying a new book I recently purchased.”

His favorite part of welcome week was watching the freshman pass through the gates and be welcomed into Stetson University.

Richelle Eastridge- Shaw

“My best piece of advice to freshman is to know how to balance fun and work and to just enjoy all that Stetson has to offer.” 

Senior physical and health science double major Richelle Eastridge-Shaw said she is really looking forward to meeting all the new cadets in ROTC. 

“I want to lead them into the best future officers of the U.S. Army,” she explained. “My other goal that I hope to achieve at Stetson is to maintain being on the Dean’s List.” 

“My best piece of advice to incoming freshman would be to open your horizon. Try new things and have an open mind, you will meet your favorite people and make your best memories this way.”  

Riley Russell

Riley Russell, a grad student earning her degree in Clinic Mental Health Counseling, would agree. 

“As cliché as it sounds, enjoy every moment and minute you have. It’s truly incredible how fast time goes by. Be present and enjoy all aspects this chapter of your life brings! These moments are some of my most favorite.”

Russell said her favorite part about starting this year is seeing how lively campus is now that everyone is back. 

“Seeing and talking to new people is always exciting,” she added. “I am stepping into such a significant and pivotal point in both my educational and professional career. My goal for this year is to persevere! Graduation is so close!”

Provost Skomp added her welcoming sentiments. “Now that classes are underway, I wish all members of our university community a successful, engaging, and fulfilling academic year!”

-Trish Wieland