Inside Stetson’s Sustainable Food Systems Program — and a Dazzling Cooking Demonstration

Stetson’s Sustainable Food Systems program is an interdisciplinary minor where students engage with multiple academic and practical perspectives on topics within food and agriculture — while working to solve problems to create food security. 

With partners across the campus and the region, students learn about a variety of topics that range from agricultural production to food and the environment to nutrition and public health, and more. Further, the curriculum encourages students to critically examine their own participation in food systems and empowers them to become activists for positive food system change.

Yet, did you know the program also hosts some pretty ambitious events?

One such event occurred Sept. 16 — an evening of exquisite food prepared by Stetson’s Hari Pulapaka, PhD, award-winning chef and associate professor of Mathematics. 

The event took place in the new Teaching Kitchen located inside the Cici & Hyatt Brown Hall for Health & Innovation. And all funds raised helped to support the Sustainable Food Systems program.