Roland George Investments Program’s Annual Showcase Successfully Yields Two Stock Purchases

Proud RGIP representatives (Front Row): David Mascio, PhD; William Brooks; Jonathan Gonzale; Nolan Lappin; Stephen Preissler; Alonso Tang; Beatriz Vossen; Georgia Goering; Jadyn Prinz; Rachel Zaremba; Isabella Thomsen; Michael Leitelt; Braden Hill. Back Row: Erik Eisold; William Hubbard; Max Miller; Jackson Hockenberry; Devin Shaffer; Jose Valcourt; Alec Small; Cameron Spence; Sugeeth Sathish; Matt Cooper; Steven Vetter; Matt Hurst, PhD.

Following the successful conclusion of the RGIP Annual Showcase on Nov. 2, the Board of Trustees at Stetson University Roland George Investments Program made significant investment decisions based on the recommendations of the student participants. 

L-R: Sugeeth Sathish, Georgia Goering and Alonso Tang presented recommendations on Palantir Technologies Inc. and won first place.

There were five teams that presented stock recommendations on five different AI (Artificial Intelligence) companies: Palantir Technologies Inc., Cadence Design Systems Inc., Alphabet Inc., SuperMicro Computer Inc. and Baidu Inc. Palantir Technologies secured the top spot, with Alphabet coming in second and SuperMicro Computer ranking third — based on audience voting.

Out of the five top-notch recommendations presented, the board chose to purchase stocks of two companies: Palantir Technologies and Cadence Design Systems.

Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR), celebrated for its expertise in data integration and analytics, emerged as the winner by virtue of a thorough analysis that led to strong strategic insights. The in-depth understanding and compelling recommendations made by the winning team impressed the Board. That team consisted of students Sugeeth Sathish, Georgia Goering and Alonso Tang. 

L-R: Cameron Spence, Beatriz Vossen and Braden Hill presented recommendations on Alphabet Inc. and won second place.

Similarly, the team behind Alphabet Inc. demonstrated prowess in both AI and data analytics, laying the groundwork for robust investment recommendations. That team included Cameron Spence, Beatriz Vossen and Braden Hill.

The RGIP Annual Showcase saw an active participation of more than 360 votes from an engaged and diverse audience that consisted of faculty, students and industry professionals. The votes reflected the rigorous analyses and recommendations presented by the teams, according to Matt Hurst, PhD, Stetson’s associate professor of Finance and director of the Roland George Investments Institute.

L-R: Alec Small, Jose Valcourt and Rachel Zaremba presented recommendations on SuperMicro Computers Inc. and won third place.

Following an intense review of the teams’ presentations and the votes received from the audience, the Board of Trustees then made the decision to invest in the stocks of Palantir Technologies Inc. and Cadence Design Systems Inc., while also praising the effort of all the RGIP students. 

“I think this was the most successful RGIP Showcase ever, and I could not be prouder of the hard work, dedication and professionalism that the teams demonstrated. And the community turnout was tremendous,” Hurst commented. 

“The 2023 showcase was a huge success!” exclaimed Devin Shaffer, a student who was part of the team that represented Cadence Design Systems. “Every student worked extremely hard to create professional, informative and witty presentations that kept the audience’s attention and represented RGIP in the best way. It was a pleasure and an honor to participate and help in making it happen. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.”

Established in 1980, the Roland George Program is a living testament to experiential learning, made possible by Sarah George in memory of her husband. It embodies Roland’s conviction that true learning occurs through hands-on investment decision-making. Here, students are entrusted with a staggering $5 million portfolio, employing cutting-edge research tools from Bloomberg, Reuters, Morningstar, and Baseline to craft and defend their investment “pitches.”

Disclaimer: The Roland George Investments Program, including all student participants, does not hold the status of Registered Investment Advisors. Therefore, any insights shared during this event, or as part of the program’s activities, should not be interpreted as professional investment counsel.