Hatter Angel Network reinvests in Streann Media at Florida Venture Capital Conference

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Miami (February 2024) — Streann Media, a pioneer in digital content distribution, engagement and monetization, made a significant impact at the recent Florida Venture Capital Conference held in Miami. The innovative company took the stage to present its groundbreaking technology, TV 3.0, showcasing a new horizon in entertainment services.

Dan Glunt ’93

The presentation of TV 3.0 has not only set a new standard for content delivery but also attracted significant attention from investors and industry leaders. Among the enthusiastic supporters is the Hatter Angel Network, which reiterated its confidence in Streann’s vision and potential for growth by investing another $100,000, in addition to its $290,000 investment last year, said Dan Glunt, a Stetson alumnus and co-founder of Hatter Angels.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to reinvest in Streann. They are our largest investment to date and have tremendous potential for growth. Their leadership team is stellar, their technology offering is pure magic, and the customer experience is unmatched,” said Glunt.

TV 3.0, as introduced by Streann, represents the next evolution in video technology, offering unparalleled interactivity, personalization, and a seamless user experience. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital audience, TV 3.0 promises to transform how viewers consume content, making it more engaging, accessible, and immersive.

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“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to present TV 3.0 at the prestigious Florida Venture Capital Conference,” said Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media. “The TV 3.0 platform is the culmination of years of innovation and dedication. It reflects our commitment to revolutionizing the digital landscape and delivering exceptional value to our users and stakeholders. As we signed larger customers with bigger user bases, we now manage and operate for 82 million viewers in 141 geographies. TV 3.0 is enabling us to capitalize on the opportunity to monetize each user. With an acquisition cost of zero, since we already have the users, we’re positioned for exponential growth.”

The Florida Venture Capital Conference has been a vital platform for startups and established companies alike to connect with investors, share ideas, and explore opportunities for growth. Streann’s participation and presentation of TV 3.0 have marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey, emphasizing its role as a key player in the technological evolution of the entertainment industry.

Bill Andrews, PhD

As Streann continues to develop and refine TV 3.0, it remains committed to its mission of transforming the way content is created, distributed, and monetized. With a strong leadership team, a compelling technology offering, focus on customer experience, and big events like FIFA World Cup, Streann is well-positioned for continued success and innovation in the digital era.

The Hatter Angel Network is in its seventh semester under the academic leadership of co-founder, Dr. Bill Andrews, associate professor of Management at Stetson. To date, the Hatter Angels have invested $1.15 million in six companies, pledging 50% of the profits back to this growing program. This student-led program provides a unique opportunity to evaluate privately held companies, perform due diligence, serve as board observers and recommend funding from accredited investors who are Stetson alumni and/or faculty.  For more information about the program, reach out to Dr. Andrews at [email protected] or visit www.hatterangels.com.

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