Hellcats USA at Stetson, Feb. 22

Ever heard of Hellcats USA? If not, now is your chance. 

Students, alumni, staff and faculty are invited to an event on Thursday, Feb. 22, that shines the light on the creative minds behind Hellcats USA and the company’s entrepreneurial journey from small business to big success in Orlando. 

The event is being held in the Lynn Business Center’s Rinker Auditorium, 6-8 p.m. Cultural Credit is available for students.

Darkness, Fun, Approachability and Inclusivity

From the inception of Hellcats as a collaborative venture to the evolution of a popular brand, cofounders Brittany Reagan and Clark Orr will provide their strategies and secrets for building a successful creative business — from challenges to triumphs — all the while incorporating the uncommon balance of darkness, fun, approachability and inclusivity that defines Hellcats.

Orr and Reagan are husband and wife. He designs their products in-house, while she is the director and handles the entrepreneurial duties.

The event, according to Anne Eible, assistant director of Stetson’s Career and Professional Development office, offers an opportunity to “glean inspiration from the dynamic fusion of entrepreneurship and visual arts that fuels Hellcats USA’s commitment to crafting quality, cool products.” 

Reagan and Orr are wife and husband. She is the director and handles the entrepreneurial side of things, while he designs their products in-house. Their presentation on campus is part of Career and Professional Development’s “commitment to showcasing careers in the arts and entrepreneurship,” Eible adds.

The Hellcats brand is self-described as a cross-section of the cofounders’ two styles, ideas and tastes put into product form. Their words: It’s a little dark, but not negative, and a little bit fun, but not overly cutesy. Aside from their presentation, they will answer questions. Maybe ask this one: What is “just the right amount of tough with a pinch of sparkle?”

The event is being held in cooperation with the ENTP Speaker Series, Stetson Student Government Association and the Creative Arts Department.

Questions? Contact Career & Professional Development at 386-822-7315 or [email protected].