Stetson Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creativity, April 16

Distinguished, distinct and disparate research on display throughout the campus in one of the nation’s oldest and most comprehensive undergraduate research days.

That’s one way to describe the 25th Stetson Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creativity, set for Tuesday, April 16.

This is big. Daytime classes are cancelled, and all are welcome to attend as current students from all years and schools at Stetson share their research in presentations, portfolios, posters, readings, music and theater performances, art shows, multimedia work, and more. The programs are presented in professional settings for audiences that include judges, faculty, fellow students and interested members of the community.

To conclude the day, Judith Bense, PhD, President Emeritus and professor of Anthropology of the University of West Florida, will deliver the keynote address that evening, titled “Human Curiosity: An Unstoppable Force.”

Students can earn a maximum of three Cultural Credits by attending the Showcase plus a fourth Cultural Credit for attending the keynote address. (See the complete schedule here.)

‘Together, Be Heard’

Established in 1999, the Stetson Showcase has grown nearly each year in size and scope. This year’s theme is “Together, Be Heard,” which celebrates one of the iconic structures on campus, the Hulley Tower.  

Originally more than 140 feet high before storm damage almost 20 years ago forced the removal of all but the tombs of former Stetson President Lincoln Hulley and his wife, Eloise, the tower was famous for the bells that proudly rang out each night. Today, a campaign to restore the tower is underway, led by alumni. The bell on the cover of this year’s program includes one of the original chimes.

Kimberly Reiter, PhD

Fittingly, the research to be displayed on April 16 is also emblematic of scholarly distinction at Stetson, according to Kimberly Reiter, PhD, associate professor of History and chair of the university’s Undergraduate Research Committee.

A few examples of research projects:

  • “The Development of Merkel Cell Carcinoma may be dependent on the Non-Canonical Nuclear Localization Sequence TLKDY in the Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Small Tumor Antigen”
  • “Drowning in Doubt: The Connection Between Health Anxiety, Source Credibility and Misinformation”
  • “Characterizing and Forecasting the Effects of Major Events on Private Aviation Demand”
  • “Exploring the Interconnectivity Between Nature, Technology and the Arts”
  • “Reinvesting in Clean Energy: Analyzing Florida Policy and Power Plant Efficiency to Identify Areas of Improvement”
  • Art Gallery: “The things that were here before the rest of us were”
  • “Mind Games: An Original Theatre Arts Production, written and produced by Senior Theatre Arts Majors”
  • Musical Recitals in Lee Chapel

“Stetson Showcase is a celebration of achievement that was established to foster an appreciation for academic excellence at Stetson,” Reiter described. “We have presentations from every division, every school, every department. Many of these presentations have won grants, departmental honors and external awards. Come see why Stetson students are at the forefront nationally in undergraduate research.”

-Michael Candelaria