Flickchart on Mashable

More love for Flickchart from the popular social and digital media new site Mashable.  People are seriously invested in the pursuit of identifying their favorite movies and this website taps into their need to answer that question, “Which is better: Pulp Fiction or Empire Strikes Back?”  Read more about this addictive web service from Nathan Chase (DIGA Art 2001) and his partner Jeremy Thompson.

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Alums on Orlando Weekly cover

This week's issue of the Orlando Weekly has a cover story on the local indie music scene.  The cover features a collage...

The Pauses CD Release Party

Alum Nathan Chase and his band The Pauses will celebrate the launch of their new CD with a release party this Saturday...

An interview with Alumni Nathan Chase

Alumni Nathan Chase was recently interviewed by On Garner Road about Nathan's online venture http://www.flickchart.com/....

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