Digital Arts

Digital Arts is a unique program fosters collaborations and hybrid forms of visual art, music composition and programming that stretch the boundaries of artistic practice. Students and faculty explore the powerful inter-relationships among these disciplines in contemporary creative practice.

We believe the computer makes it easier for artists to move between media and collaborate across specialties. For this reason, the Digital Arts program allows students to hone their skills in many areas and creates a natural breeding ground for important collaborations. Musicians can easily take electives in web design or digital video. Visual artists can learn to record and produce music in a recording studio. Both can learn about how to write their own software. Programmers can develop their talents in writing software while working directly with artists and musicians.

All of our courses feature hands-on projects, giving students ample opportunity to practice their art and build their portfolios. Projects will often be refined through multiple revisions and receive ample critiques from faculty and peers in an effort to produce work of the highest quality. Students are challenged to both understand and articulate the reasons behind their own aesthetic decisions through written summaries and oral presentations of their work. The curriculum also places a heavy emphasis on experimentation, pushing the students to imagine new ways of using the computer as an expressive tool.

Our graduates are valuable contributors in a variety of creative environments, because they possess a diverse set of skills. We have alumni working in top companies and innovative start-ups within the gaming, music, multimedia and online industries. Many alums have also pursued graduate studies at some of the top masters and doctoral programs in the country and become the next generation of artists, professors and leading thinkers.

Watch a brief introductory video about Digital Arts at Stetson University.

Read more about requirements for the Digital Arts major, minor, and available courses in the University Catalog.