One Act Auditions

AUDITIONS for STUDENT-DIRECTED ONE ACTS will take place Friday Feb. 5 from 6-9pm and Saturday Feb. 6 from 1-3pm in Stetson Theatre Arts’ Second Stage inside DeLand’s Museum of Art, 600 N. Woodland Blvd. (across from Emily Hall). Performances will run Thursday thru Sunday, April 14-17, 2016.

Auditions are free and open to all Stetson students. You need not have a prepared monologue, although you may perform one if you wish. You may be asked to read from scripts and/or improvise some acting and movement. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. You do not need to attend both audition sessions, unless you find it exciting to do so.


“Home Free!” by Lanford Wilson, directed by Arielle Pennington
Lanford Wilson’s Home Free! Revolves around an unusual pair of siblings who isolate themselves as best as they can from the outside world. As a result, they’ve created a world of their own, and decided to open up that world to two imaginary children, and another child yet to be born.

“I Thought I Liked Girls” by Nicole Pandolfo, directed by Samantha Williams
Lucy, has some big news for her parents- after 10 years of being a lesbian, she’s coming out as straight.

“English Made Simple” by David Ives, directed by Michael Galvez
A play about two people and the party that brings them together. They meet, they talk awkwardly, they say goodbye–or at least, that’s what the voice of an English professor dictating their every move wanted. It’s a comedy that reaches into the unwritten rules of language, relationships, and fate before deciding to break all of it.

“Long Ago and Far Away” by David Ives, directed by Kerry Lynch.
As a young couple spends their last night before moving out of their apartment, the wife finds herself extremely aware of reality. She transcends time and dimensions in this surrealist drama by David Ives.


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