Spring 2022 AUDITIONS!

Stetson University Theatre Arts Program welcomes you to the Spring 2022 semester!

Join us for auditions in the Second Stage Theater

Auditions for Stetson Theatre Arts spring semester offerings will be held Thursday and Friday, January 13 and 14, 2022 (times associated with productions below) in the Second Stage Theatre (Museum of Art bldg), 600 N Woodland Blvd. Please enter through the stage door on the NW corner (single red door on the parking lot side) of the building.

Audition process

Auditions will be held in person in the theatre.  Please remember to wear your mask.  No need to sign up for a specific time; just come when you have availability during the designated audition times and check in with one of the student stage managers who will provide you the necessary paperwork to proceed. 

All are welcome!
Auditions are open to all Stetson students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members!


TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES by Anna Deavere Smith
Directed by: Julie Schmitt           [email protected]

Audition times Thursday, January 13   7:00-9:00pm &  Friday, January 14   7:00-9:00pm

About the play:

Acclaimed as “an American masterpiece” (Newsweek), TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES, 1992 is a stunning work of “documentary theatre” in which Anna Deavere Smith uses the verbatim words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event. A work that goes directly to the heart of the issues of race and class, TWILIGHT ruthlessly probes the language and the lives of its subjects, offering stark insight into the complex and pressing social, economic and political issues that fueled the flames in the wake of the Rodney King verdict.

What to prepare for your audition
Monologues from the show will be available at auditions.  Students looking to audition will be asked to read several of those monologues as cold reads. (If a student has a prepared monologue they would like to perform, they will be allowed the opportunity to do so as well.) The cast of this show will consist of an ensemble of actors, with each actor playing multiple parts.  When auditioning, be sure to make clear choices to help distinguish one character from another, and to help demonstrate your range as a performer. 

A Doll’s House, Part 2 by: Lucas Hnath
Directed by: Trevin Cooper        [email protected]
Audition times Thursday, January 13   3:00-5:00pm &  Friday, January 14   3:00-5:00pm

About the play:
When Nora Helmer left her husband at the conclusion of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House in 1879 it was referred to as “The door slam heard ‘round the world.” For more than a century and a half of audiences have asked, “What happened to Nora and her family?” In 2017, playwright, Lucas Hnath, attempted to answer that question. Picking up 15 years after the original play concludes, this fast paced, funny and soul searing piece of theatre, examines the love, hate and resentments, we so often call “family”


Well-spoken and sharp witted, this once naïve, woman has matured into a successful writer, who returns to her family home seemingly prepared to face the ghosts of her past. However, when confronted with her former life, Nora must grapple with the choices she made and people she left behind.

Once the embodiment of chauvinism, he has spent much of the last decade and a half, wrestling with the life choices he made, and the ego that drove away his wife.

Anne-Marie: Maid to the Torvald’s. She is the wizened member of the household, who looks upon the family she has cared for over these many decades with both love and disdain.

Emmy: The youngest of the Torvald’s children, she did not know her mother well. She now faces her mother for the first time as an adult with a cold and reserved demeanor.

What to prepare for your audition
Actors should prepare a 1–2-minute monologue from a contemporary play. Particular emphasis should be placed on pace. This does not mean racing through the monologue at lighting speed. It means speaking clearly, deliberately and with energy. Prepare your piece, not with long drawn-out pauses, but with the strong intention of having something to say with immediacy and clarity.

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