Submit to Stetson Law Review

Stetson Law Review (SLR) is a general, student-edited law review which seeks to publish original articles or essays on any legal topic. SLR is no longer accepting articles for Volume 52, but we are accepting articles for Volume 53. If you are interested in submitting an article or essay for consideration for Volume 53, please click the “Submit via Scholastica” button above (or email [email protected]). Authors seeking publication must submit manuscripts with footnotes in Microsoft Word format. Footnotes should follow The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, published by Harvard Law Review Association, Columbia Law ReviewUniversity of Pennsylvania Law Review, and Yale Law Journal.

NOTE: All submissions should include the author’s resume or bio.

Student Works: 
SLR is currently accepting student-authored works for publication, SLR welcomes the submission of student articles of substantial legal merit that meet the guidelines described below. All articles submitted for consideration by the Publication Committee should present strong legal arguments and must provide ample support for them. SLR is a “citation-heavy” journal, meaning each of the Author’s assertions should be supported by an appropriate source. Articles should be 35–55 double-spaced pages and must contain footnotes. Citations should adhere to the Bluebook citation manual. All submissions should also include a cover sheet, in which the Author should contextualize their work for the Committee. This cover sheet should briefly state the work’s legal or practical significance that merits its publication. The cover sheet should also detail how the work differs from, and adds to, other published works written on similar topics. Email student submissions to [email protected]