Linda S. Anderson publishes book on Florida Bar Exam essay prep

Linda S. Anderson, professor of law, wrote Florida Bar Exam Essay Prep: Strategies and Study Materials published by Cognella Academic Publishing. The book is a combination of substantive rules important for the Florida Bar Exam essays and specific study techniques and tools.

With the Florida Bar Exam now scheduled for an online format in August because of COVID-19 challenges and concerns, this new book offers students additional guidance as they prepare.

From the publisher

Florida Bar Exam Essay Prep: Strategies and Study Material helps students cultivate the legal writing skills necessary to craft effective responses to the essay portion of the Florida Bar Exam. The text covers essential rules for a variety of subjects and equips students with tools and strategies for studying, memorizing, and retaining large amounts of information.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners identifies a long list of subject areas from which they create the questions on the Florida Bar Exam. This book focuses on the subject areas that have been tested more frequently than others and emphasizes rules specific to Florida.

Opening chapters provide an overview of the Florida Bar Exam, basic skills for writing a bar essay, and proven study strategies. Additional chapters address intentional torts, negligence, strict liability and product liability, Florida constitutional law, contracts, real property, landlord-tenant law, family law, trusts, and professional responsibility. End-of-chapter checklists, sample essay questions, and introductions reinforce key learnings.

Florida Bar Exam Essay Prep is an essential resource for law students preparing for the bar or attorneys licensed in other states who wish to practice in Florida.