Prof. Stacey-Rae Simcox featured in NPR story on Vietnam veterans’ VA benefits

By Carson Frame
National Public Radio’s American Homefront Project
January 23, 2022

A headshot of Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox
Law Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox

In light of recently discovered delays in Department of Veterans Affairs assistance to Vietnam veterans newly eligible for benefit payouts, Stetson Law Professor and Director of the college’s Veterans Law Clinic spoke to National Public radio about the situation’s potential impact.


Veterans advocates say the VA’s communications are often boilerplate, and veterans can have a difficult time applying the information to their specific issues or claims.

“That leads to mass amounts of miscommunication and misunderstanding amongst veterans,” said Stacey-Rae Simcox, a law professor and director of the Stetson University veterans advocacy clinic. “It also means veterans run around trying to get information they don’t need to get, because the VA already has it.”

This story was originally broadcast on National Public Radio affiliates and on affiliate websites with the headline, “More Vietnam vets now qualify for disability benefits, but it may be years before they see the money.”