Stetson Deploys MATLAB and Simulink Access for Students

Stetson University has signed an agreement with MathWorks that provides all students with campuswide access to MATLAB, Simulink and additional products.

Stetson University joins more than 700 schools worldwide already using the MathWorks new Total Student Headcount (TSH) campuswide license.

Stetson University’s adoption of MATLAB and Simulink for technical computing and Model-Based Design further demonstrates the school’s commitment to continuously enhancing the learning environment for its students by providing anywhere access to industry-standard tools.

Stetson’s MATLAB and Simulink campuswide license includes analysis, design, modeling, simulation, code generation and testing products for engineering and science, plus computational finance for the business school.

Stetson University is deploying these tools to students via a centralized license that increases the administrative efficiency of software management and distribution, and ensures that a common set of tools is readily available for all users.

Through the agreement between Stetson and MathWorks, students will have access to software and associated documentation as well as immediate access to new releases. The license permits the installation of MATLAB and Simulink on campus-managed and user-owned computers.

For instructions on downloading the software go to Stetson University’s MATLAB Portal or read the Access Instructions below.

Access instructions:

  1. Go to Stetson University MATLAB Portal to download the software.
  2. Click “Get Started Now” in the Download MATLAB box.
  3. You will be asked to create a MathWorks Account. Once you do that, you will be associated to our MATLAB license and will be able to:
  • Download and activate software on your personal computer
  • Start using MATLAB Online from a web browser

If you are not familiar with MATLAB, please complete the 2 hour MATLAB Onramp tutorial that can also be found on our MATLAB Portal by clicking “Get free training” in the MATLAB Training box. 

If you have trouble installing MATLAB, go to the MATLAB Portal and click “Customer Support” to get help.