Virtual Cultural Credit events

three students stand on a stage during a play

Students join Stetson University’s intellectual and creative life outside their coursework by participating in at least three approved cultural events for each semester of enrollment at the university. 

The cultural credit requirement will be waived for students who graduate at the end of the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 semesters. For students who graduate after Summer 2020, the current cultural credit requirement remains unchanged. Read the March 25 Message from Provost Noel Painter, PhD.

Virtual Cultural Credit events

Available through Tuesday, April 21

Drink, Drank, Drunk: How to Rage Responsibly is a peer-led workshop that discusses the drinking culture on college campuses. This video is posted on the Wellness and Recreation website. To receive Cultural Credit, students need to complete the brief assessment once they have watched the workshop in its entirety.

Wednesday, April 22
5:30 p.m.: 4 Tips to Navigate the Job Hunt – Webinar Wednesday

Successful business development leader Anna Sirmeyer ‘03 will give you four tips to launch your career! RSVP Link:

Wednesday, April 22 – Tuesday, April 28

Stress & Success: Watch the last Wellness Wednesday workshop just in time for finals! This video will discuss sleep and how good sleep habits can lead to huge success, as well as tangible methods for developing new habits. For Cultural Credit, please watch the workshop and complete the post workshop assessment, both located on the Wellness and Recreation website.

Available through Thursday, April 23
The Take Back The Night video launched on April 16 and will be available for Cultural Credit through April 23.

Take Back The Night will include many members of the Stetson community sharing testimonials about the experience of survivors of sexual violence and informing viewers about sexual violence. This video event is a call to action: to end victim blaming and to be an empowered bystander. For Cultural Credit, please complete the assessment after viewing the video,  located on the Wellness and Recreation website.

Thursday, April 23
4 p.m.: The duPont-Ball SF Book Club

This special virtual edition of the duPont-Ball SF Book Club will discuss H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds.” Email [email protected] with the subject line “Book Club” for information on how to participate.

Ongoing virtual Cultural Credit events

old timey black and white photo of John B. Stetson, 1901
John B. Stetson Courtesy Stetson University Archives.

The John B. Stetson Family Legacy, 33-minute video and online quiz in BlackBoard

This presentation by the duPont-Ball Library focuses on the early years of Stetson University and the influence and legacies of the University’s major benefactor, John B. Stetson, his wife Elizabeth, and their two sons, John B. Stetson, Jr., and G. Henry Stetson. 

An Idea Likely Too Big: Andrew Carnegie’s Role in Stetson University’s First Free-Standing Library (Sampson Hall), 33-minute video and online quiz in BlackBoard

1908: Sampson Hall opens.

This presentation by the duPont-Ball Library focuses on Stetson President Lincoln Hulley’s efforts to get funding from industrialist Andrew Carnegie for Stetson’s first library building, which is today known as Sampson Hall.