Be Seen at Stetson

The new Be Seen branding campaign promotes the best that Stetson has to offer students while highlighting the lasting impacts of attending a small university.

Stetson has a new university branding campaign to attract students. And, please pardon the pun, the campaign must be seen to be believed

Well, that’s not really a must, but the campaign does come by virtue of adventurous ambition, copious research, more than a dash of creativity and very high hopes to bolster enrollment.

The Be Seen campaign, now fully launched but designed to continuously evolve, leverages the best that Stetson has to offer students while highlighting the lasting impacts of attending a small university. 

In essence, aside from a highly regarded degree, the campaign touts the benefits of Stetson in the classroom and beyond. For example, small class sizes promote academic and personal relationships and community. Professors are able to provide personalized attention and create the kind of relationship-rich academic setting that enables the best and most meaningful learning opportunities. Not only do students get to know classmates, they form connections that will help them succeed both in the classroom and in life.

Be seen one on one. Be seen for your potential. Be seen for your talent. Be seen competing. Be seen at the big game. Be seen living the Greek life. Be seen in a hammock. Be seen in the community. Be seen exploring. Be seen by employers. Be Seen … .

That’s the idea. 

Elevating the Stetson Student Experience

Said another way, as a student at Stetson, you will be seen, be heard and be you. It’s about what students want to accomplish and achieve, and how they want to do it. And that goes for all students, prospective and current. 

“This campaign was created to elevate Stetson’s student experience,” said Steven Alexander, vice chair of the Stetson University Board of Trustees. “This is for students to see themselves at a place where they can succeed in many number of ways. They have the opportunity to actually be seen, to be recognized, to be validated for who they are.” 

“This Be Seen campaign is so flexible in the ways that we can use it and can appeal to different potential groups of students. That was one of the things we found most exciting about it,” noted Bruce Chong, who retired Jan. 31 following more than seven years as vice president for Marketing and Communications.

Steven Alexander, vice chair of the Stetson University Board of Trustees

Alexander and Chong were among the first to seek development of a new university campaign to both attract new students and retain existing  students. Findsome & Winmore, full-service marketing agency based in nearby Winter Park, Florida, then joined a comprehensive research and discovery effort — involving virtually all segments of the Stetson community.

“We heard about all the multiple opportunities that students have,” said Chong, citing discussions in 2022 with students, alumni, faculty, staff and others. “And what we heard was remarkably consistent — about opportunities students have in their classrooms, with faculty, in their majors, internships, community work, professional groups. So, this really showcases what it is to be here at Stetson.” 

Further, as the opportunities for students continue to broaden with the launch and implementation of the university’s upcoming Strategic Priorities, the campaign can expand to encompass them, Chong added.

‘A Unique Proposition’

Similarly, Matt Certo, CEO of Findsome & Winmore, points to the students being targeted for the messaging. “Stetson is a small private university with a distinctive heritage and location. It’s a unique proposition that appeals to an ambitious student with a pioneering spirit. And that kind of kept resonating with us,” Certo said. “Ultimately, we really felt that Stetson attracts and cultivates and serves a student who wants a unique experience, a differentiating experience, an experience that’s not just, ‘Hey, I went to class.’ These students want connection. They want community. They want to learn together; they want to make a difference. And Stetson is that place.” 

“You’re going to be noticed; you’re going to be understood,” concluded Alexander. “This works really well in showcasing what it is to be here at Stetson.”

In other words, Be Seen at Stetson.

-Michael Candelaria