Alumni Update – Julius Santiago

Graduated: 2004
Major: DIGA Art
Minor: Electronic Business Technology
Websites: &

Q: What did you do after graduation and what are you doing now?
A: Moved back home and cried until I found a real job. Then five years at EA-Tiburon. Now I work/live/play in downtown LA at Naked Sky Entertainment! And I got married and we have a pug!

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now when you took DIGA 101?
A: Are you asking if I could predict the future? If so, then yes.

Q: What advice do you have for someone taking DIGA 101 right now?
A: Don’t ever stop. Whether it’s preparing your portfolio, or reaching out to do pro-bono work for school peeps — never stop making art or learning how to work people and clients. The latter part is something they don’t really teach you. Well, they didn’t when I was there.

Lastly, next time you  have to do a presentation, always test your equipment beforehand. Nothing makes you look more incompetent than when your video/audio doesn’t work. Your professors may not say it to your face, but they’re cursing up a storm on the inside. Now imagine if those professors were your bosses.

Wait, one more thing, don’t be a jerk and put money into an IRA. … I guess that’s two more things.

Q: What’s the best thing you learned studying Digital Arts @ Stetson?
A: Thinking outside of outside of the box. All the professors kept pushing us. At first we were like WTF? And then we were like OMG! Take, for instance, video performance/mpg. It was kind of weird at first, but once you get your mind around what you’re doing and make it your own, you start making some crazy stuff.  The stuff we did eight years ago is just now becoming easily obtainable for commercial use, and honestly kind of sucks, if it’s even done live.

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