2018 Digital Arts Senior Exhibition

Digital arts 2018

On Monday, April 14th, the 2018 digital arts senior exhibition will be opening to the public at The Hand Art Center. The exhibition’s opening reception will be held on Friday, April 20th, from 6 to 8 pm. This year’s exhibition is titled “Welcome to the New Age” and features work from over twenty graduating students.

For a preview of what to expect, two students provided statements about the work they are including in the exhibition.

Daniel Viruet

Daniel Viruet is a senior interested in game design. He created a 2D pixel art game with two outcomes in mind. First, Viruet hopes that his project will “open doors for students to tackle a project like a video game without worrying how huge it appears to be”. Next, Viruet wishes that his project will have an impact on the Creative Arts department as a whole. If the department were to adopt “a possible game design sequence for the major,” his second outcome would be met.

Annette Morton

In her exhibit titled “WeAreOne,” Annette Morton presents “a gallery of ten portrait composite images printed on fabric”. Morton’s project ¬†showcases “the beauty of the environments and their innate commonalities with the human body”. There is diversity amongst the portraits, each one set in a “different part of the natural world”. To inspire in viewers “a deeper appreciation for the world around them and initiate change to protect and respect it” is Morton’s ultimate goal.

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