This Case Note addresses the constitutional status of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTCSP) under Florida’s Uniform Education Provision in the wake of McCall v. Scott. The purpose of this Case Note is to give a comprehensive overview of the Program’s status post‐McCall. McCall is a case out of Florida’s First District Court of Appeals, in which the Plaintiffs challenged the constitutionality of the FTCSP. In that case, which was dismissed on standing grounds, the Plaintiffs argued that the FTCSP was unconstitutional. This paper discusses some relevant Florida law leading up to McCall, lays out the Court’s discussion of standing, and then argues, like the McCall Plaintiffs do, that in light of Florida precedent, the FTCSP isunconstitutional. This paper further argues that should the constitutionality of the program be challenged again, courts should find the FTCSP unconstitutional. Furthermore, it posits an amendment to the Uniform Education Provision under which the FTCSP would be constitutional and suggests that supporters of the scholarship program should pursue such an amendment if they wish to ensure constitutionality of the FTCSP.