4 Inducted into Stetson Law Hall of Fame in 2022

Left to right: Gregory Coleman, Judge Pamela Campbell, Professor Emerita Dorothea Beane, Professor Emeritus John Cooper

At a banquet event on the evening of December 3, 2022, Stetson Law welcomed four distinguished individuals to the college’s Hall of Fame.

Since 2004 Hall of Fame has been Stetson University College of Law’s premier event celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of alumni, faculty, and other members of the Stetson Law community.

This year, four such individuals were honored:

In attendance were judges, faculty, university officials, alumni, and other community members.

“Our entire institution is proud of our legacy for excellence in legal education, a legacy that extends over years of national rankings, national and international competition victories, best oralist and best advocate awards for our students, and very concretely, the outstanding places that our graduates get jobs, which then lead them to meaningful careers that positively affect our world,” Stetson University Provost Noel Painter said. “Indeed the sphere of influence of the College of Law is exceedingly large, but never so much so that we lose sight of the heart of Stetson, our community. This community.”

Stetson University Provost Noel Painter at Stetson Law’s 2022 Hall of Fame celebration

Each honoree was given a warm introduction by Stetson Law Interim Dean Theresa J. Pulley Radwan, who thanked them for their role in elevating Stetson Law, the legal profession, and the surrounding community.

“Tonight, you’re going to hear about four people who’ve achieved significant milestones in their careers and have been such an important part of the college of law,” Radwan said at the start of the event. “We are exceptionally proud of each of them and of all of the contributions that they’ve made to the legacy of Stetson.”

Biographical videos featuring images, anecdotes, and lists of their accomplishments followed. (See the full event – including biographical videos and acceptance speeches – via the video embedded at the bottom of this post.)

Stetson Law Interim Dean Theresa J. Pulley Radwan speaks at Stetson Law’s 2022 Hall of Fame celebration

Professor Emerita Dorothea A. Beane

Stetson Law Professor Emerita Dorothea Beane addresses the audience at Hall of Fame 2022
Stetson Law Professor Emerita Dorothea Beane

Over her three decades on Stetson Law faculty, Professor Emerita Dorothea A. Beane had a transformative effect on those around her as well as the College of Law writ large. Her being the college’s first minority professor is the tip of the iceberg.

She launched the study abroad program in The Netherlands and co-directed the Institute for Caribbean Law & Policy.

Known for her tough love and her ability to help others find within themselves what it takes to succeed, she took particular interest in Black student success.

Beane said being inducted is truly the honor of a lifetime.

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The Honorable Pamela Campbell ’89

Well before she graduated from Stetson Law, Judge Pamela Campbell was passionate about giving back to her community through volunteering and mentorship.

Judge Pamela Campbell delivers remarks from a podium with the words "Hall of Fame" behind her
Judge Pamela Campbell ’89

Her involvement has been extensive and unceasing, even as the demands of her exceptional career grew greater.

After earning her J.D. at Stetson Law, Campbell launched a private practice that quickly grew before she was appointed to the bench by then-Governor Jeb Bush in 2006. In that time, she has hosted over 100 interns – many of them from Stetson Law. Serving as a mentor, she said, has been the honor of her life.

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Board of Overseers Chair Gregory Coleman ’89

Gregory Coleman delivers remarks from a podium. The words "Hall of Fame" are projected behind him
Gregory Coleman ’89

As soon as he set foot on Stetson University’s main campus, Greg Coleman felt at home. Years later and despite his incredible success, the Double Hatter remains heavily involved with the school – particularly with the College of Law, for which he serves as the Chair of the Board of Overseers.

Armed with a collaborative spirit, steadfast work ethic, and no-nonsense attitude, Coleman dedicated himself to the legal profession from the outset of his career. He was heavily involved with bar associations at the local and state levels and eventually rose in the ranks to Florida Bar Association president in 2014.

“I’m extremely humbled, honored, and grateful for this very, very kind gesture,” Coleman said. “I love this law school and I love Stetson. I literally would not have been able to accomplish the things that I have gone through in my career if I had not attended Stetson undergrad and Stetson Law. That’s how much this institution meant to me. This is a very, very special place.”

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Professor Emeritus John F. Cooper

The child of a military family, Professor Emeritus John Cooper was born in Japan and spent much of his childhood abroad. Later in life, it was an overseas trip that made Cooper, who at the time was an Oklahoma lawyer, want to teach law. He and some colleagues were visiting the Soviet Union, where they had deep discussions with their Soviet counterparts about the law’s philosophical underpinnings.

Professor Emerita John Cooper gives remarks from a podium. The words "Hall of Fame" are behind him.
Professor Emeritus John Cooper

When he became a professor at Stetson Law, he was a beloved figure who helped grow the college’s international footprint through expanded study abroad opportunities other initiatives.

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