Donors and Support

Stetson’s Vietnam Memorial project was constructed solely with donor support. Engraved bricks that honor our Vietnam Era alumni by name, as well as maintenance of the site, also rely on donor funding.

If you would like to support the ongoing maintenance of the Vietnam Memorial and brick engraving, you may donate by mail (Development Office, Stetson University, 421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8286, DeLand, FL 32723 and specify “Vietnam Memorial”) or donate online, specifying “Vietnam Memorial.”

We thank the generous donors who have already supported the Vietnam Memorial:

Anonymous Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Pieter C. Ambachtsheer
Dr. Grady W. Ballenger and Dr. Karen L. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. Batchelder
Colonel William A. Bradley, Jr.
Mr. James B. Chaplin
Colonel and Mrs. William B. Clark
The Honorable and Mrs. James R. Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Crowther
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Davis
Mr. Tiberio P. DeJulio
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Peter W. DeLacy
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Don Derryberry
Dr. and Mrs. George Charles Edwards III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Grieb
Dr. W. Tandy Grubbs and Ms. Susan M. Ryan
Colonel Margaret Guerrero and Mr. Gregorio Guerrero
Dr. John H. Haire
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Harrell, Jr.
Dr. James S. Hauger and Dr. Karen T. Hauger
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hobbs III
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Hobbs
Lt. Col. John M. Holt
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Richard K. Hopkins
Mrs. Betty Drees Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Knipe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lamont
Mrs. Marion Louise Leisy
Dr. Wendy B. Libby and Dr. Richard M. Libby
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lilling
Chaplain and Mrs. Lewis C. Long III
Mr. and Mrs. Sven O. Lovegren
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Maris
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Martin
Dr. Jay E. Mechling and Dr. Elizabeth Walker Mechling
Mrs. Sandra Smith Parker
Ms. Katheryn M. Pearce
Prince Family Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Richardson
Mr. Ned B. Ricks
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott Riddile III
Mrs. Brenda Rains Robards
Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Rowell
Mr. and Mrs. Burke A. Salsi
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Schneider
Schwab Charitable Fund
Dr. Richard J. Shuford
Mr. Landon C. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. G. Richard Swartz, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Danny N. Tompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Troxel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stacey Tutt
Ms. Terry Doylene Van Ord
Colonel and Mrs. John H. VanZant, Jr.
Mr. Robert C. Wells
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program