Vietnam Era Alum Biographies

This searchable database contains the names of Stetson University alumni who served in the military during the Vietnam Era (1964-1975). If a biography or photo are available for that alumnus, it will appear next to their entry. If an engraved brick with an alumnus’ name has been added to the Remembrance Site, a “brick: yes” status will appear in their entry. If you would like to add names or add/edit information to our list, please send to the duPont-Ball Library Archives Department, [email protected]. If you would like to have a site brick engraved for yourself or for a family member (at no charge - paid for by donor funding), please contact alumnus Jay Mechling, [email protected].

John T Bamford

Class of: 1969

Jack Lemar Barker

Class of: 1962

Harold R Basham

Class of: 1958

Robert Franklin Bearinger

Class of: 1958
Deceased: 2014-09-14

Verl D Beebe

Class of: 1964 1968

Rae A Behrens, Jr

Class of: 1967

David (Dave) J Bena

Class of: 1965
Brick: yes
Email: [email protected]

Edward H Bergstrom, Jr

Class of: 1957
Deceased: 2013-08-26

Vining F Bigelow

Class of: 1967
Brick: yes
Email: [email protected]

Donald Eugene Bohren

Class of: 1955
Deceased: 2014-07-07

Leland Byrd Booth, Jr

Class of: 1961 1964

Howard S Borden, Jr

Class of: 1957
Deceased: 2014-03-20

Harry D Boswell

Class of: 1949
Deceased: 1989-02-22

Larry Gregory Bottom

Class of: 1952 1962
Deceased: 2014-06-02

Albert John Bowley, Jr

Class of: 1975
Deceased: 2013-02-23

Bruce Richard Bowman

Class of: 1969 1981
Brick: yes
Email: [email protected]

Henry Boyer, Jr

Class of: 1955

Bruce C Bradford

Class of: 1968

Cleaver J Bradley

Class of: 1950
Deceased: 1994-02-13

Billy Lamar Bray

Class of: 1964