Books & Videos:

The duPont-Ball Library has many books, videos, and DVDs on the Vietnam War in our collection. Library books, videos, and DVDs may be checked out by current faculty, students, and staff, and those Stetson Library Associates with checkout privileges. To find the material, search the CATALOG link from the Library’s Home Page, change the drop-down menu to SUBJECT, and type “Vietnam War” in the search box.

In the Stetson University, duPont-Ball Library Archives:

Items from the Max Cleland Collection pertaining to Max’s service in Vietnam include photos and memorabilia items such as his diary, uniforms, medals, and much more. Max Cleland, Stetson class of 1964, former U.S. Senator, and long-time public figure, donated a large collection of items of historical interest to the duPont-Ball Library in 2007. The collection may be viewed by appointment.  Contact Library Dean Susan Ryan, [email protected]; 386-822-7181.

Hear audio clips from tapes Max sent home while serving in Vietnam.

View Vietnam photos from Ned Ricks, class of 1968.  Ned is also the author of several books, including Revelation: A Novel of the Vietnam War.

Read what Stetson students and others have said about Vietnam in the Stetson Reporter.

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November 2015 Stetson Theatre Arts Performance ‘Reflections on Vietnam’

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