Impact of the Biden Administration and Democratic Congress on Higher Education

Predictions for the Biden Administration's legislative agenda as it relates to higher education.

Fighting modern slavery in the Covid era

Covid-19 is exacerbating all the conditions that help modern slavery thrive.

Voter turnout was a 2020 bright spot, but it might not continue

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University released a study Tuesday showing that state legislators have introduced three times the number of bills to restrict voting access when compared to the same point last year.

After a contentious term at Columbia, former EVP of University Life Suzanne Goldberg to oversee national Title IX policy

Goldberg’s main focus in the OCR will be to bridge the gap between the diverging Title IX policies of the Trump and Biden administrations and to clarify federal guidelines that colleges will follow moving forward.

What will Biden inauguration donations go to?

A donation to an inauguration is one of the most unregulated aspects of campaign finance, Torres-Spelliscy says.

Should college students be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine? It’s too early for colleges to decide

Incentives, possibly a tuition break, or other reward may help.

What happens next after rioters interrupt Congress certifying election results?

Louis Virelli says rioters storming the nation’s Capitol will not derail the procedural process to formalize Joe Biden’s victory.

CEOs spurn Trump and his allies: How big a blow?

"What may be disastrous for Trump is being seen as a failed businessman and being seen as a dishonest businessman."

EPA boss plays Santa for Florida developers

Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, handed over the authority to issue federal permits to Florida wetlands to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

The Real Trees Delivering Fake Corporate Climate Progress

GreenTrees says it’s fighting climate change by reforesting thousands of acres. But it's taking credit for other people’s trees.

Constitutional expert lays out President Trump’s legal options

“To accuse the elections officials of the country of presiding over a false election is a serious accusation that requires some evidence.”

Turkish CentCom officer will go to Turkey to answer for wife’s false imprisonment

The legalities could play out differently if the victim was a U.S. citizen, Nagle said. But even then, it’s possible a foreign government could handle the case.