Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality lab has a wide array of applications. You can develop your own Virtual Reality video game or develop science, music, or other curricular applications. Using virtual reality can be a major asset and help supplement coursework.

In order to use our any of the items on this page, please complete this form.

Oculus Rift Headset – DK2 and CV1


This headset, when used with compatible software, allows you to experience virtual reality worlds. Put them on, plug them into our gaming computer in the Innovation Lab, and explore new worlds.

The library has both the older Development Kit 2 model of the Rift, and the newer Consumer Version 1.

HTC Vive Headset/Accessories

HTC Vive

In addition to the Oculus Rift, we also offer an HTC Vive headset, which provides an immersive VR experience. If you are developing a VR game, feel free to use either this or the Oculus, as they are different platforms and not all games will work for both headsets.

Note: For liability reasons, only Library personnel are permitted to set up the HTC Vive sensors.

Microsoft HoloLens

Unlike the Vive and Rift, which offer full-immersion VR, the HoloLens provides a Mixed Reality experience in which the external world is still visible, but virtual holographic objects appear to exist within it. The HoloLens runs on its own operating system and must be kept within the Innovation Lab.

3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone

If you plan on developing a 3D video game, including 3D stereo sound is a must. In order to achieve this effect, you can record sounds using our binaural microphone, which simulates human hearing, as there are two microphones in this unit which approximate the position of average human ear canals.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

This unit allows you to record professional audio on the go. It features dual preamps and digital conversion. The front panel includes XLR/jack combination inputs to connect line and instrument level signals as well as microphones. Perfect for recording game music..

Ricoh Theta S 3D Digital Camera

If you need to capture real world video for your VR creation, then this camera can do just that. It makes it easy to capture 360° images with just the push of a button.

Alienware High Performance Computer


In order to use the software that powers the Oculus Rift, you must have a powerful computer with up-to-date graphics capabilities. To accommodate this, we have a new Alienware computer with a powerful 3D graphics card. The Oculus software is already installed. Whether you are interested in viewing something in 3D or developing your own 3D video game, this computer will get it done.