Library Use Policies

The duPont-Ball Library is a private university facility reserved for use by Stetson University students, faculty, staff and their dependents. Policies and procedures on access for other persons are as follows.

Government Documents

The Federal and Florida government documents depository collections are readily accessible to the general public at no charge and without restriction.


Stetson Alumni (those holding a Stetson degree) may receive a complimentary Library Access Card upon request at the library’s front desk. Alumni are offered Library check out privileges either by joining the Stetson Library Associates at any level ($50 or more annually) or by purchasing a Hatter Alumni Card (see below).

Stetson Library Associates Membership

The Stetson Library Associates is a special group of individuals and organizations who are pledged to support the resources, services, and facilities of the duPont-Ball Library at Stetson University. Each Stetson Library Associate will receive a complimentary subscription to the library newsletter and invitations to unique events sponsored by the library. Depending on the level of support, a Stetson Library Associate will receive either a complimentary Library Access Card or a complimentary Library Membership Card.

A Stetson Library Associate at the Associate level ($50-$99 annually) will receive a complimentary Library Access Card that allows the cardholder to use the library’s computer workstations, books, periodicals, and reference collection. The Library Access Card is valid for one year and may be reactivated by renewing at the Associate level. The Access Card does not entitle the cardholder to check out materials from the library. Access Cards are issued only to individuals, are non-transferable, and are not issued to persons under 14 years of age.

A Stetson Library Associate at the Donor Associate level and above ($100 or more annually) will receive a Library Membership Card that entitles the cardholder to use the library’s resources and to check out library materials. The Membership Card is valid for one year and may be reactivated by renewing at the Donor Associate level or above. Membership cards are issued only to individuals, are non-transferable, and are not issued to persons under 14 years of age. We are unable to offer interlibrary loan service, use of the Innovation Lab, or off-campus use of databases to Associates.

Materials checked out on a Membership Card are the responsibility of the person to whom the card was issued.

To become a Stetson Library Associate, fill out the membership form at the library’s front Desk or contact the library at 386-822-7183 with questions. The form can also be found online by clicking here.

Hatter Alumni Card

A Hatter Alumni Card may be purchased on campus at the Meadows Alumni House, 217 E. Michigan Avenue or online.

The alumni ID card provides use of the Hollis Center pool and fitness facilities, use of the library, including checkout privileges, and discounts for School of Music concerts and Theatre Arts performances. This card does not include access to or discounts for athletic events. The Hatter Alumni card is available to Stetson University alumni only (those holding a Stetson degree). Please contact the Alumni Office for more information.

Exclusion: Interlibrary Loan service, subscription database access from off-campus, and the Innovation Lab are not available to Stetson Library Associates Members or Hatter Alumni cardholders.

See the Research After Stetson Guide for suggestions on accessing databases and other research tools.

Library Conduct Policies

The duPont-Ball Library is open to Stetson students, staff, and faculty, as well as Stetson Library Associates. The library strives to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research, study, and collegial interaction.

Library users are welcome to bring covered drinks and small amounts of snack food into the library. The library reserves the right, however, to ban food or drink consumption that causes distraction for others or may cause damage to our equipment, collections, or facilities. Please respect other library users by cleaning up food and drink containers and disposing of them in appropriate waste cans or recycling bins.

The library staff understands the value of cell phones, but in consideration of others, ringers should be turned off and cell phone conversations should be conducted quietly and away from those who are studying.

To ensure that others in the library are able to utilize fully library resources, the following behavior is not allowed:

  • Sustained loud talking or yelling
  • Fighting and/or arguing
  • Viewing pornography
  • Illegal behavior
  • Violation of Stetson University campus and visitor policies
  • Harassment or threatening behavior
  • Exhibitionism or indecent exposure
  • Damage to or theft of library material or equipment
  • Damage to or theft of personal property
  • Obscene or threatening phone calls or email
  • Unauthorized access to the library building
  • Soliciting or panhandling

Library Internet Use Policy

The duPont-Ball Library workstations are provided for educational and professional purposes only. Please be aware that the library does not use blocking or filtering software and that certain Internet sites can be accessed that may be inappropriate for minors. All users are expected to use our Internet connections in an appropriate manner, abiding by all applicable federal, state, and local laws and by the Stetson University Computing Codes of Conduct (subject to change) which reads in part:

Sexual harassment of any type will not be tolerated in the computer labs. Examples of sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to: sexual battery, displaying pornographic images, verbal harassment or abuse of a sexual nature, cyber-sex or chatroom sex, subtle pressure for sexual activity, etc.

For more on proper use of the Stetson University network and computer labs, please see:

Solicitation and Literature Distribution Policies

Solicitation of library users or staff in the Stetson University library buildings is not permitted, with the possible exceptions outlined below. Soliciting includes the sale or distribution of merchandise, sales materials, tickets, insurance, coupons, magazine subscriptions, political campaign material, or anything not connected with the work of the library.

Exceptions to the non-solicitation policy are the following:

  1. Those authorized and directed by the library or University Administration.
  2. Those for fundraising projects conducted by the library or the University.
  3. Those solicitation and fundraising projects sponsored by the library with the approval of the Library Dean or Associate Dean (walk-a-thon teams, charity or food drives, etc.).
  4. A limited number of official Stetson student group sales solicitations may be made to library staff only (not library users) with permission of the Library Dean or Associate Dean.

Display of posters, flyers, handouts, or any distribution of literature is prohibited except with the permission of the Library Dean or Associate Dean.

Stetson student, staff, or faculty groups that wish to display literature on the library’s bulletin board should ask for approval in person from the circulation manager on duty at the library’s circulation desk.

Sep. 29, 2023