Government Information


Laura Kirkland
[email protected]

The Federal and Florida government documents depository collections are accessible to the general public at no charge and without restriction. Please see the library Internet Use Policy for using government information online.

The duPont-Ball Library is the oldest Federal depository in Florida (1887). The library has been receiving State of Florida publications since 1968.

Federal Government publications, called “documents,” are shelved on the ground level of the library. Most state publications have been integrated into the general library collection on the main floor and on the mezzanine level.

Some of the Federal, and all of the state, documents are listed in OneSearch. For Federal documents not listed in the catalog, use the GPO Database, one of our subscription databases. The database dates back to 1976.Please note that this database is available only to Stetson University, DeLand Campus and online faculty, students, and staff. Others can search a public access version of the GPO database, which also covers 1976 to date.

A significant amount of federal and state government information is published online. The library provides access to these electronic documents through links in OneSearch.