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The University Archives contains papers, books, publications, press clippings, photographs, yearbooks, the campus newspaper, and other items relating to Stetson University and its history.

Consider donating your Stetson memorabilia to the Archives!

The library’s Digital Archives offers online access to photos, memorabilia, yearbooks, student newspapers, University Bulletins, and more.

Additional Resources:

Alumni Authors

Archives Contributors

Faculty of Stetson, 1885-present (Excel)

Famous Folks at Stetson (Excel)

History of Stetson

Presidents of Stetson

Reporter Student Paper

(Searchable full issues, 1887-present.)

Special Collections: Names and Locations

Student Government Association Officers (Excel)

Trustees of Stetson, 1885-present (Excel)

Vietnam War Era Remembrance Site

Also see:
Librarian’s Guide to Locating Items in the Archives

The Archives and Special Collections Department is located on the ground floor of the Library in rooms 3 and 4 and is generally staffed Monday-Friday between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. If you are coming from off-campus, please call ahead for an appointment.

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Please note that the Baptist Collection, once housed at Stetson, has been transferred to:

Baptist College of Florida
Graceville, FL