Alumni Resources

The library welcomes Stetson Alumni!

The library offers a Digital Archives.

The Digital Archives (linked off the library’s home page) currently includes more than 30,000 Stetson photos from the 1880s to the present day, our complete collection of Stetson postcards, Stover Theatre photos and playbills, images of 10,000 memorabilia items, items from Senator Max Cleland’s collection, items from Congressmen E. Clay Shaw’s collection, plaques on campus, and all Stetson yearbooks, Bulletins, and campus newspapers. We also have a repository of searchable senior research projects – some dating back as far as 2000.

Please also check out our other resources from the list below. Enjoy browsing and check back frequently for new additions.


Free Yearbooks

The duPont-Ball Library is pleased to offer free surplus yearbooks to alumni. Surplus yearbooks are not available for every year and no yearbooks were produced after 2002.

For your free yearbook, contact [email protected].