Acquisitions/Collection Development


Debbi Dinkins, Associate Library DeanPhoto_D4252

(386) 822-7179

([email protected])


Faculty input in the development of the library’s collection is highly encouraged. Faculty members may request that a book, journal, video, or other item be ordered for the library’s collection by sending the request to Debbi Dinkins by mail (Campus Box 8418) or email to [email protected]. Order cards are also available upon request and may be used for ordering.

Faculty will be emailed reviews for possible library book purchases on a monthly basis. The online database, Choice Reviews Online is available to the Stetson community. Lists generated from the online database may be used for ordering if emailed to Laura Kirkland at [email protected] or Debbi Dinkins at [email protected]. You can check the status of book orders by contacting Acquisitions Specialist Lauren Westmoreland at [email protected].