Library Bill

If you received an e-mail stating your library account has been charged for lost or damaged items, then you have several options. You can return the items or pay the bill with a credit card, e-check, check, or cash.

Returning the Items

If you are still in possession of the lost (non-damaged) items, then return them to the library as soon as possible. Once the items have been processed by our Circulation staff, the bill on your account will be cleared.

Credit Card or E-Check Payment

Use the Pay Your Bill link.

1.) On the first page, enter your name, e-mail, 800#, and the total amount of the bill. Please obtain this amount from a Circulation staff member.
2.) On the second page, enter your credit card or e-check information, review all the information to make sure it is correct, and click on “Process Transaction.” You will receive an e-mail confirming your payment.
3.) Your library account will be credited as soon as payment is verified, which may take one or two business days.

Check or Cash Payment

To pay by cash or check, please speak with a Circulation staff member.

Questions or Concerns

For questions or concerns about your library account, contact Debbi Dinkins, Associate Dean of the duPont-Ball Library
Phone: 386-822-7179
E-Mail: [email protected]