Research Services


Research Services Hours

Librarians are on-call to help you most of the hours that the library is open. Please use the on-call phone number listed above and a librarian will answer your questions via phone or come to help you in person if you are in the building.

Librarians will help you with your questions, assignments, citations, and more. Just ask!

In-depth research assistance (with senior research projects, for example) is available by appointment.

Research Librarians:

Jennifer Corbin, Director of Public Services, 386-822-7178, [email protected]

Barbara Costello, Government Documents Librarian, (386) 822-7185, [email protected]

Debbi Dinkins, Associate Dean of the Library (Librarian), 386-822-7179, [email protected]

Laura Kirkland, Cataloging Librarian, 386-822-4027, [email protected]

Hunter Murphy, Engagement & Learning Librarian, (386) 822-7176, [email protected]

Kellie Pait, Part-time Research Librarian, (386) 822-7128, [email protected]

Nicole Rivera, Weekend Research Librarian, (386) 822-7128, [email protected]